**Scene opens in a street side restaurant in downtown London, England. The sun is shining brightly, cascading down on the men and women scurrying about on the crowded sidewalks. Meanwhile, cars and buses line the streets as far as the eye can see. The restaurant itself has an outdoor patio portion to it, with about a dozen or so tables on the patio. We see couples on dates engaged in conversation, as well as businessmen discussing various business ventures with one another**

**The camera finally finds its way to a table closest to the gate separating the sidewalk from the patio. Sitting there we see the three members of the Lincoln Park Mafia. Josh Styles is wearing a simple blue skater-type tshirt, and beige khaki shorts. He's sipping on an ice tea. Beside him on his left sits Tommy Gunn. He's wearing a white tshirt with the LPM logo on the front and sports a pair of blue jeans and sandals. His camcorder rests in front of him on the table. The final member of the threesome is Sebastian Black. He's dressed in a pair of black jeans and a yellow tshirt. He's holding a cell phone in his hand and is in the middle of a conversation**

Gunn: "Only two more days until the big day, boys."

Styles: "Yeah, got that right. Two more days until the Lincoln Park Mafia gets put on the map. Two more days for Joker and Kakuma to enjoy those straps."

Gunn: "One has to wonder what's going on in their head right now. They've spent the past week or so downplaying the challenge that we present to them, and at the same time, bitching about how Hawke is stacking the deck against them. One has to wonder where their mindset will be. As far as I'm concerned, the more they take us for granted, the easier our job will be at the Pay Per View."

**Styles takes another sip of his iced tea**

Styles: "No doubt. Seems to me that these guys have pulled out the excuse book from the get go. From Day One, all they've done is play up every conceivable disadvantage they have going in to our match."

Gunn: "You know what that tells me? It tells me that they're running scared. They're unsure of their ability to defeat the LPM, so they resort to adolescent whining and complaining. I mean look at how they got their underoos in a bunch because they felt we stole their gimmick. And look at the way they moaned and belly ached about having a pre-Pay Per View warm up match. Like it was our idea to put them in a match. Last time I checked, we don't book the matches. But the thing is, you'd think that since they're so damn superior to us, then all these obstacles would be nothing. I mean, if we're as big a 'jobber' team as they say we are, then they should have no trouble overcoming the extra stipulations that Hawke puts in front of them."

Styles: "But that's the thing. They're not as good as they want everyone to believe. And they don't truly believe we're a jobber team. They're putting up a brave front, to cover up the fact that deep down, they know their title reign is in major trouble. The moment they saw their names inked to a match against us, they realized that they'd finally be staring across at a team that is more than capable of matching them. Do you know what that look in Kakuma's eye is? It's fear, Tommy. As much as he tries to downplay the match and our challenge to their title reign, he fears what is gonna happen this Sunday."

Gunn: "You're probably right. I mean, he's so scared that he's focussed on the wrong things. I mean, instead of concentrating on the match, and the strengths of his opponents, he's more worried about whose stealing gimmicks, and all the obstacles they have to overcome. Those don't sound like the words of a confident individual. To me, they sound like the words of a man whose running scared."

**Just then, the waitress approaches the table. She's an attractive young woman, and obviously catches the eye of both Gunn and Styles. Black seems too preoccupied with his phone conversation to notice her**

Waitress: "Would you gentlemen care for another drink? Can I get you anything to eat?"

Styles: "Another iced tea would be great. Thanks gorgeous."

**She blushes slightly, smiling back at Styles**

Gunn: "I could go for something to eat. What's the special today?"

Waitress: "You can get broiled salmon with a side of either salad or baked potato. Or our other special is ribeye steak with green beans and potato."

Gunn: "Gimme the steak."

Waitress: "And how would you like your steak?"

Gunn: "Medium rare. I like sinking my mouth into something soft and pink."

**The waitress blushes even more, trying unsuccessfully to hide her embarrassment. Gunn winks at her and smiles**

Waitress: (in a flustered voice)"And for you, sir?"

**Black doesn't respond, as he continues with his phone conversation**

Styles: "He's busy with an important phone call. Just get him the same thing I'm having."

Waitress: "Ok well thank you gentlemen. I'll be back shortly with your drinks."

**Gunn and Styles watch the waitress stroll off, gazing at her firm butt as she disappears into the restaurant. At this time, Black's phone conversation comes to an end, and he places his cell phone on the table in front of him. He's got a sly smile on his face**

Styles: "So...?"

Black: "Well I just had an intriguing offer presented to me. It seems that Joker and Kakuma, and the rest of the IWF are in for a rude awakening in the next little while. I'd rather not go into detail just yet, but let's just say that the balance of power in the IWF is about to be shifted in our favor."

Gunn: "You're not even gonna tell us who you were talking to? Not even a slight hint?"

Black: "Boys, patience is a virtue. You'll know before everyone else does, but for now, I think I'll keep it hush hush. All I will say is it was a call from an 'old' friend."

**Gunn and Styles look at each other in confusion, but decide not to press the issue for the moment**

Black: "So what have we been discussing?"

Gunn: "Umm...how Kakuma and Joker are cowards, and how they're bitching and crying like 5 year olds who just got their toy taken away from them."

Styles: "Oh yeah and how Raine Dawson is a slut. I know we're not supposed to mention that because it's no longer interesting to anyone else. But I'll be damned, it amuses the hell outta me."

Black: "Haha ok. I'm sure Raine's gonna have more to say about that at a later date. Probably something about that being old news, and that we can't come up with anything better. But whatever she responds with, you can be sure it'll be very intelligent. I mean afterall, the girl has more going for her than just a set of boobs, doesn't she?"

**All three guys burst out laughing at the notion that Raine Dawson is more than just eye candy**

Black: "Ok enough about Raine Dawson. If we're ever gonna be able to have that threesome she wants so desperately with us, we gotta be somewhat nice to her. So let's move on to two even bigger bitches.....Joker and Kakuma."

Black: "I don't really know what you two are smoking, but I suggest splurging on more expensive stuff, 'cause whatever it is you're on, it's affecting your ability to make sense. One minute you're saying how bad a team we are, and how we pose no challenge to you. Then the next minute you're whining like Raine Dawson when she loses her glow in the dark vibrator about how we've got this huge advantage over you guys because of the stipulations that Hawke implemented. Make up your mind. Either we pose a threat to you guys, or just quit yer whinin' because it's getting naussiating. I don't know if you were being sarcastic or what, but you seemed to imply that we're Johnny Hawke's henchmen. That's actually quite amusing, 'cause no one informed us about this. Maybe since we're his henchmen, we should be getting a little extra cash under the table. Hey Gunner, you getting extra cash you're not telling me about?"

Gunn: "Nope."

Black: "How 'bout you Styles? Any extra dough being sent your way from J-Hawke?"

Styles: "You mean other than the extra cash he slips me for starting that widespread rumor about him actually being a 'legend'? Nah."

Black: "Ok then. So we're agreed. We aren't being paid to be Johnny Hawke's henchmen. Oh wait I remember now, Kakuma didn't say we knew we were Hawke's henchmen. He implied that we were too stupid to realize that we were doing Hawke's dirty work. Since we're the dullards that Kakuma claims we are, I guess I should ask you guys once more, in case you guys didn't understand what I was asking. Cleatus, did Johnny Hawke slip you some extra cash to do his dirty work?"

Gunn: (in a yokul voice)"No sir, he did not. But then again, I can't really remember much from just a couple minutes ago. You know, lack of brain power and all."

Black: "And you Elmer? Do you recall getting a bit of extra money from Hawke?"

Styles: (scratches his head, then scratches his crotch)"What was the question again? I was busy scratchin' my private parts."

Black: "Nevermind. So there you have it. I hope that clears up that nasty speculation."

Black: "But in all seriousness, the thing you have to realize Kakuma and Joker, is that what Johnny Hawke wants done, and what the Lincoln Park Mafia intends to do, has just been in correlation so far. We're not doing his dirty work, just as he's not doing us any extra favors by booking us in title matches. Is it our fault that Hawke's vendettas just so happen to be the same people that our in our path to greatness? You see, if we were doing Hawke's dirty work, then you should be more worried about your health than your titles at 'Her Majesty's Gold' this Sunday. Because if we were doing Hawke's dirty work, then we'd be intent on crippling you two son of bitches, rather than just settling for taking you to wrestling school and taking your titles."

Gunn: "Oh and by the way. Just to set the record straight about our name. You made the reference about us being a rock band rip off. Lemme give you a history lesson, as well as a spelling lesson. We are the LinCOLN Park Mafia, because we are born and bred in LinCOLN Park, Michigan. The rock band that you claim we ripped off are LinKIN Park. I realize that with Kakuma hailing from Japan, that the English language isn't his forte. I mean, he's used to seeing symbols rather than letters. So for this one time, we'll excuse your ignorance, Kakuma san."

Black: "Two days boys. Two days 'til the LPM grabs the gold. Kakuma and Joker, you better be prepared. Because we plan on walking in to the Pay Per View the challengers, but plan on walking out the champions. That's not just a promise....that is a guarantee."

**We see the waitress return with their orders, as the camera starts to pan out, backing away further and further**

****Scene fades out****