**Scene opens in rainy, cloudy England. London to be precise. We're on a busy street, somewhere downtown, as the sidewalks are cluttered with pedestrians hurrying every which way. Just then, we see a rental car swerving in and out of traffic, as car horns can be heard, followed by some profanity from the drivers of those cars. Inside the rental car, we see the Lincoln Park Mafia members...Josh Styles, Sebastian Black, and Tommy Gunn, with Styles behind the wheel, Black riding shotgun, and Gunn sitting in the back, holding a camcorder**

Black: "For God's sake, they drive on the left in England. I thought you said you could handle the driving?"

Styles: "Ok, ok! I'm getting the hang of it. These Brits are just a bit too uptight with foreigners."

Black: "Oh God, look out for that..."

**The rental car side swipes a sidewalk food stand, as the person operating the stand manages to jump out of the way in the nick of time**

Styles: "Sorry.......geeze, that guy set up his Fish and Chip stand too close to the curb."

Gunn: "Dude, slow down a bit. Everything's a blurr through the camcorder. I think I saw a hot British chick in those new cleavage jeans back there.....either that or it was some fat guy that should really think about hiking his pants up."

Black: "Do you want me to drive? We might actually arrive in one piece."

Styles: "Relax, we're almost there. See, there it is, just ahead."

**Styles parks the rental car right in front of Buckingham Palace. The three members of the LPM get out of the car, and walk towards the gate, where one of those guards stands. You know the one, with the big black furry hat**

Styles: "Hey guys, isn't this the dude that isn't allowed to speak or respond or anything?"

Black: "Josh don't even think.....oh sh*t."

**Before Black can stop him, Styles walks up to the guard and starts making stupid faces at him. The guard maintains his focussed stare ahead, not even blinking at Styles' pressence. Tommy Gunn is catching the entire display on camera, as the camera view switches from the "live" footage shown through IWF television, to the vantage point of Gunn's handheld camcorder**

Gunn: "Ok guys, say something to the camera."

Black: "Good afternoon fans of the Lincoln Park Mafia. We're here in jolly old England, outside the famous London residence of the Royal Family, Buckingham Palace."

Black: "Hey Tommy, get a nice shot of the palace."

**Gunn pans across the landscape, capturing the entire length of the palace on camera, before focussing back on Black. Meanwhile, Styles is in the background still trying to get the guard to respond**

Black: "Isn't it breathtaking?"

Black: "Now as you all know, we're here in London for what is the final leg of the IWF England tour, before we move on to who knows whatever God-awful place Hawke will drag us to next. Now for those of you that aren't familiar with the LPM Cam, basically we just film everything we come across. What we see, we want you to see. And in the case of Wendy Briese, we all got to see quite a bit. But as I was saying, we're here in London because the IWF's Pay Per View, 'Her Majesty's Gold', is being held here. Get it, Her Majesty's Gold...London, England....the Queen...man that Johnny Hawke is a witty one isn't he."

**We can hear Gunn laughing from behind the camera. Styles joins his buddies after tormenting the guard for long enough**

Black: "So as you can see, we're just trying to take in as much of this beautiful city as we can before our match for the IWF Tag Team Titles. Unfortunately, the weather isn't really cooperating, as it is cool and kinda wet."

Styles: "Sorta the same way you'd describe Raine Dawson...cold....but VERY wet all the time."

Black: "And you wonder why she hasn't returned our phone calls. So anyways, since it looks like it's gonna rain, we'll try to make this as fast and easy as we can."

Styles: "Sorta the same way you'd describe Raine Dawson....fast....and VERY easy."

Black: "Would you stop it? I'm losing my train of thought. I had everything planned what I wanted to say, but now because you keep interupting me, there's just a huge hole in my train of thought."

Styles: "You're making this too easy for me, you know that right?"

**Black gives Styles a dirty look and shakes his head**

Black: "So anyways, about 'Her Majesty's Gold'. It seems we've been placed in a three way match between the current champs, Kakuma and Joker, and some joke of a team that I've never even heard of, Main Distraction. But get this, for Kakuma and Joker to retain their belts, they've gotta pin BOTH us and the chick team. But us and the walking muff express only have to pin one team in order to become tag champs. Now explain to me why Johnny 'The Phony' Hawke keeps giving us the advantage over our opponents. In my debut match against the Gay Flower, he banned Prime's manager from ringside, but didn't mind if you were there. And then at the Pay Per View, we're at an advantage again. It also seems like each time we're booked in a match, it's against someone that Hawke's got a personal vendetta against. First Prime, now Kakuma and Joker. So my question is this, Johnny Hawke."

Black: "Do you honestly think the LPM is gonna do your dirty work for you? It's more than obvious that you just can't hack it as a wrestler anymore, so when you run into guys like Prime and Kakuma and Joker, and you can no longer put them in your place yourself, you choose individuals you know that can get the job done. So in a sense, I guess it's a compliment to the LPM that you choose us as your 'weapon of choice' so to speak. You want to get the job down, so you get someone capable of doing the job. And as we proved two weeks ago, we can get the job done, and then some. Prime, and the team of Joker and Kakuma still have ringing in their ears from our assault. But just keep one thing in mind, Johnny Hawke.....we don't do other people's dirty work. Sure we'll walk into the Pay Per View, and beat the living hell out of Kakuma and Joker and take those titles from them. But we'll do it on OUR terms."

**Black pauses a few seconds, mentally shifting gears, so to speak**

Black: "As for our opponents at the Pay Per View, Kakuma, Joker, those chair shots must have affected you more than you think, if you think that all we did was give you a little tap on the head. It's funny, you had your chance at retribution when Hawke booked a singles match between myself and Kakuma, but you wanted none of it. Instead, you hid behind some obviously transparent bravado about not wasting your time with us. But the thing is, you just f**ked yourself over by doing that. Because now, not only do you have to step in the ring with us, but this time it isn't just a singles match, it isn't just a tag team match. No, this time it's for those belts."

Black: "So Kakuma and Joker, here's what I want you guys to do. I want you to pull out the VCR, borrow, steal, rent, whatever you have to do to get a copy of the telecast from two weeks ago. And study frame by frame the kind of carnage we're capable of. Study each measured chair shot, each crack of your skulls as those chairs connected with them. I want you to do that, and then I want you to sit back and ask yourselves 'What have we gotten ourselves in to now?', because come June 23rd, it's gonna be World War II all over again, except this time, the bad guys win."

**Just then, a meter maid, or whatever they're called in England, comes over**

Meter Maid: "Excuse me, gentlemen. But I must ask you to move your automobile, as this is a no parking zone."

Styles: "Don't get your knickers in a bunch, we're going. Speaking of which, is it true what they say about meter maids?"

Meter Maid: "I beg your pardon. Is what true?"

Styles: "That meter maids do it standing up."

**The meter maid takes off in a huff, as we can hear the LPM laughing. The three of them pile back into the rental car, and drive off. Just as the scene is about to end, the camera focusses on a portion of the brick gate surrounding Buckingham Palace. There is something spray painted on it. It reads 'Property of the LPM'**

****Scene fades out****