**Scene opens at the 'Crib'. We see Sebastian Black and Josh Styles sitting on the leather sofas (separate ones, because they're not gay....not that there's anything wrong with that). The television set can be heard, as we hear little murmurs of screams, and other high pitched whining emanating from the TV. We finally realize it's Prime's latest promo being broadcast. Styles takes a drink of his beer, then places the bottle on the coffee table in front of them**

Styles: "Hear that? You don't stand a chance of winning."

Black: "Yup."

Styles: "You also don't understand how important titles are."

Black: "Guess not."

Styles: "Titles are important you know. 'Cause without them, then guys like Hogan and The Rock wouldn't be famous."

Black: "That's so true."

Styles: "So really, we should be incredibly impressed with Prime's THIRTY SIX titles. Because titles are important."

Black: "Yup, seems that way."

Styles: "Because if you think about it, Savage wouldn't have those Slim Jim commercials if he wasn't a former title holder. Ric Flair might even be back home saying WHOOOO! being an old nobody. And Hulkamania....faggedaboutit! It would have never run wild if he hadn't beaten the Iron Sheik."

Black: "How true. I'm glad Prime gave us that history lesson."

Styles: "He's good that way. Because if he didn't show us that titles are important, then we'd keep on thinking he was some kind of whiny hasbeen that USED to be something special. But now....wow, I have a sudden urge to go out and buy Prime merchandise."

**The two men burst out laughing, obviously being sarcastic the entire time**

Black: "You see, Prime, the difference between those former champions, and you is this. I've actually heard of those guys. When you go do a sporting event, do you hear YOUR catchphrases being screamed by the crowd? Do you star in a Slim Jim commercial? Did you just finish filming a movie entitled the Scorpion King? Is Prime-amania running wild?"

Black: "The answer to that is a resounding NO. Using famous examples and comparing their accomplishments to yours, all because you share a common trait in that you've won a few titles, is ludicrous. To use a famous quote by a certain wrestler, 'wow, you've LOST a title 36 times?'. You wanna pull out an old BSWF title, and toss it on the table to show me what it's like to own one of those things? Well here, I've got something for you too."

**He reaches under the coffee table, and pulls out his NWL World Title, and promptly slams it on the table**

Black: "See this? This is MY World title. And unlike you and your 36 title losses, I was never beaten for this thing. So you have to realize, son, that I do know what it takes to win the big one. And I do know what the importance of holding a title means. But unlike you, I choose not to live in the past. Because, you see, no one gives a f**k about my NWL World Title. This isn't the NWL, this is the IWF. So if I carried this piece of tin on my shoulder everywhere I went, and boasted about it every chance I got, people would look at me, laugh, and tell me to shut the f**k up. You know, sorta like I'm sure everyone wishes you'd do when you go on and on about your damn wrestling history."

**He tosses the belt to Styles, who mockingly drapes it over his right shoulder, polishing the gold plate with his hand**

Black: "You see, Prime. You're damn right I'm gonna show up and I'm gonna put up a fight. Because just like when you screwed up your first chance for a shot at the World Title, I'll be sure to make you screw up your second chance. I can be a very dangerous man, and especially when your fate is in my hands. As I see it, I have nothing to lose. As you've so eloquently noted, I'm not getting a title shot if I win. So the way I see it, you're shit out of luck no matter what the outcome. I'm gonna either gonna defeat you, or I'm gonna beat the livin' hell outta you. Either way, you won't be walking too well the following day."

Black: "Now as for my comment about Raine Dawson, I call it like it is. I'm not gonna apologize for calling a spade a spade. Or in her case, a whore a whore. She wants some retribution, she can come on down. I'm not scared of a chick. If I was, then I guess I'd fear you. But keep one thing in mind, if she sticks her nose in my business, then I'll have no reservations about sticking my foot right up her ass.....not like my foot would be the first thing to ever be stuck there though. But if you want....or dare I say, need...your girlfriend's help, then sobeit. Just be sure to book yourselves the honeymoon suite at the local hospital, because you'll both be spending the night."

**Styles tosses the NWL World belt back to Black. He drapes it over his shoulder**

Black: "There we go. So Prime, am I worthy now? Does wearing this belt make me as cool as you are? Or do I still have to lose it 36 more times before I can ever become the wrestler you are? Game is Over? Fine by me, 'cause now we play by my set of rules. Aces are wild, and BLACK is trump."

****Scene fades out****