**Scene opens on a freeway on a sunny day. We see the familiar buick rental car of the LPM driving by, as it weaves in and out of traffic. The camera switches to an internal view of the car. Sebastian Black is seen in the driver's seat, wearing a pair of beige cargo pants and a red LPM tshirt. He's wearing a pair of dark sunglasses as well. Tommy Gunn is sitting in the passenger seat, with his arm hanging out the window. He's dressed in a grey hooded sweatshirt and a pair of blue jeans. In the back seat, we see Josh Styles, dressed in a pair of blue walking shorts, and a long sleeve tshirt**

Styles: "Hey, there's a McDonald's. Are we gonna stop for lunch?"

Gunn: "Nah man, we make a good amount of change. I think we should splurge this time."

**The car speeds on down the freeway, passing the McDonald's rest stop. They come upon a Wendy's restaurant a few miles up the road**

Styles: "Dude, I don't care what Mason says. It doesn't matter if we make too much money to eat in a dive like this. I'm friggin' starving. Let's pull over."

Black: "Ok, fine we'll eat here. But don't blame me when Mason wastes more time scolding us about our choice of eating establishment."

**The buick rental car pulls into the Wendy's rest stop. They park the car and get out of the vehicle. They stroll towards the entrance to the restaurant, Gunn and Styles horsing around on the way. Black opens the door for a pair of women coming out from the restaurant, as they smile and thank him. The LPM walks inside, as Gunn and Styles turn around and eye the young ladies as they walk away**

Styles: "Thong or commando?"

Gunn: "First chick, couldn't tell. But the second chick, definitely a thong. You could see the little crease thing that a thong makes."

Styles: "Think we got time to get their digits?"

**Black interupts right away**

Black: "No we don't. We're on a tight schedule, boys. We're only a couple of days away from a title defence. We can't be distracted by anything. These Big Sky boys mean business."

Gunn: "Hey speaking of which, what the hell was Mason trying to get at in his last promo? And who the hell is Larry Platt? I tried to figure out who he was by watching that promo over a couple of times, but I still couldn't get it."

Styles: "Yeah what was with that? Are we supposed to have known this Larry Platt dude? He also mentioned a John Harper who helped out kids from Lincoln Park? I mean what the f**k was that all about?"

Gunn: "No clue, man. I remember a Lindsay Harper, that chick from high school that shot you down, but I don't remember a John Harper."

Black: "I think it's just a case of Mason running out of things to say to us, so he's gotta invent people from our past to fill up time. I'm still wondering what that endless drivell about our education was all about."

Gunn: "So I guess we've got nothing really to add concerning Mason's latest promo?"

Styles: "Guess not."

**The three members of the LPM look at each other and shrug their shoulders as they wait patiently to get served**

Gunn: "Hey did you ever get the sense that someone's always watching us? I mean, it seems like our opponents know everything that goes on in our lives the moment it happens."

Styles: "Sorta like that movie, the Truman Show."

Gunn: "Yeah exactly. Only there's never any hot chicks in our version. Why is that? I mean those hot chicks that walked out the restaurant would have been perfect, but apparently we blew the chance. I think what we need is a chick. Maybe a groupie."

Styles: "Oh you know who we should get?! What's her name....she follows Prime around alot. Marie something."

Gunn: "Yeah she's not bad. But she can't touch Wendy Briese."

Styles: "Wendy...."

**Styles and Gunn go into a sort of trance like state, with a huge smile on their face. Black looks at them then slugs them both, snapping them out of it**

Black: "Didn't I just tell you guys to knock it off? We've got an important match this friday. Von Erich and Mason want to prove they're the dominant alpha males in this pack, well so do we. The difference is, they come from a tiny pack, the hasbeen crumbling foundation called the Big Sky. We, on the other hand, are the elite of the IWF. A federation that isn't just an asterisk in the history books."

Black: "That's the thing that all these so called legends can't seem to get through their heads. They parade around glowing about their accomplishments. How Von Erich needs it to be known that he's an EWF and Big Sky World champ. Well Luke, let me ask you a simple question. Are either of those powerhouse federations still in operation? Yeah, that's what I thought. There's a reason why those federations are dead and buried and why the IWF is still alive and kicking. It's because of the men who carry the burden of the federation. With Luke Von Erich as its flagship, the EWF and Big Sky were doomed from the beginning. On the other hand, with the LPM and Steve Somers as the IWF's flagship, the IWF is alive and kicking. Matter of fact, Luke, if it weren't for the IWF, you'd be flippin' burgers somewhere in the heart of Texas right about now. Just remember Luke, that whatever you earn here in the IWF was because of the trail we blazed. Come Friday night, we'll show you exactly why we're the past, present and future of the IWF. Then you can stick that in your Big Sky pipe and smoke it."

Gunn: "Oh and Mason, your little lesson you tried to teach us. I guess about maybe we should have stayed in school instead of taking up this wrasslin' thing. Well son, remember one thing. You're a two time hardcore champion for one reason and one reason only. You were not, and never will be, good enough to headline shows. That Hardcore title is given to guys that lack skill. They're a bunch of hoodlums that beat the living hell out of each other for the single purpose of winning a broken down belt. That's not what being in the main event is all about. Sure you can hang off Von Erich's coat tails, and pretend to be an impact player, but the fact remains that you are what you are. A hardcore bitch who's better of beatin' someone over the head with a trash can, than headlining a show where the real big boys play."

Gunn: "Play time's over boys, the jokes come to an end here and now. You want to talk about school and education, well guess what, bitch. Summer is almost over and it's back to school for you two Big Sky jackasses. Welcome to IWF High, where the Lincoln Park Mafia rules the schoolyard. Bring your lunch money, bring your school books. Recess is over, and let the class begin. LPM's gonna teach you a lesson in humiliation. It's called IWF 101: The Big Sky boys just got their asses handed to them on a silver platter. Take notes, 'cause I hear the final is gonna be a killer."

**They turn back to the counter, as the server takes their order**

****Scene fades out****