**So the Big Sky boys have arrived to save the IWF. This must mean trouble for everyone on the IWF roster...except for three individuals. Let's see what they have to say**

**Scene opens on some US freeway. A white buick rental car is seen driving along the freeway. The camera switches to an internal view of the car, and we see the three members of the Lincoln Park Mafia. Josh Styles is in the driver's seat. He's wearing a pair of navy blue cargo pants and a Detroit Pistons jersey, with a pair of velcro Nike sandals. Next to him, riding shotgun, is Sebastian Black, dressed in a pair of beige walking shorts and a plain white tshirt, with a pair of Adidas cross trainers. In the backseat is Tommy Gunn. He's wearing a similar jersey to that of Styles, with a pair of blue jeans and brown leather sandals**

Black: "What I still don't understand is why I had that street fight with Lucian. We're over and done with those sad sack of losers. Lucian can go on and on about not wanting our titles and how when they want them, they'll take them. Well that's all well and good, but let's see them back it up a bit more. So far I've seen nothing to indicate they can back up their words. In fact, when Lucian saw that his ass was gonna be mine, he needed the rest of his buddies to come down and even the odds. Kinda ironic isn't it? They go on about being so fearsome and such, yet it takes three of them to get the upper hand on me."

Gunn: "That's the way of the loser. They talk a big game, but when it comes time to nut up of shut up, they always shut up. Now I suppose we move on to face these Big Sky boys. Hopefully they'll provide more competition than what we've faced so far."

Black: "From what I've heard about these guys, they're pretty good. Luke Von Erich, former Big Sky World champion. Mason, I believe he's the current Big Sky Hardcore champ at the time of the closing. That's pretty impressive, pretty intimidating for most teams. But then again, we're not like most teams."

Gunn: "True man, very true. We're a dying breed. It's not often that you find individuals that say they're gonna do something, and actually go out and do it. But just ask any of our past opponents and they'll reluctantly tell ya, when the LPM says they'll do it, it's not just an empty promise, it's a f**king guarantee."

**Styles puts the turn signal on to turn off to one of the rest stops along the freeway. They pull up to the McDonald's parking lot and all pile out of the car. The parking lot itself seems pretty empty, with only a few cars. They walk inside and up to the cashier to give their order**

Gunn: "Nice, no line."

Styles: "Got that right. I guess we beat the rush."

**The cashier, a plump girl, smiles**

Cashier: "May I take your order?"

Styles: "Yeah...I'll get a Big Mac combo, but can I get an iced tea instead of Coke or Pepsi or whatever usually comes with it?"

Cashier: "Sure can, and you guys?"

Gunn: "Just a six Mcnuggets and a medium Coke."

Black: "Big Mac combo for me too."

Cashier: "And to drink?"

Black: "Oh...umm...just a Coke."

**The cashier takes their money and gives them change. She scoots off to retrieve their food as the three stand waiting. She comes back with their food, placing it on their trays. Each guy takes his tray and they make their way towards the seating area, grabbing a table near the back of the restaurant**

Styles: "Dude, did you see the way she was lookin' at our food? I thought she was gonna sneak a fry for herself."

Gunn: "No kiddin'. I was watching my McNuggets like a hawk."

**The two laugh at the plump girl's expense. As they munch on their food, they begin to discuss their match against Von Erich and Mason**

Gunn: "So besides from their success in the Big Sky, what do we know about Von Erich and Mason?"

Black: "Mason's a bit of a mystery to me. But Von Erich's not quite so mysterious. In the EWF, he came in as a masked guy named Van Grayson, then revealed himself in a match versus John Chambers. And in Big Sky he was World champ until some punk named Stephen Hawk defeated him. But really, none of that matters because they're in our world now. Boys of the Big Sky Generation, this is the IWF now, not the Big Sky. I've heard alot about how great the Big Sky was, but quite frankly, so far it's graduates haven't impressed me. Let's see, the AEP claimed to be something special, but we beat their asses to a pulp. Kakuma and Joker were supposedly Big Sky legends, but guess who's wearing these Tag straps now."

Gunn: "Marky Chang's Big Sky, and he's the World champ, so I guess you gotta give them that."

Black: "Yeah, but on the same night we put those Big Sky legends out to pasture, our boy Steve Somers is gonna claim that belt from Marky Mark. And if that's the case, then the LPM and Steve Somers will be on top of the world, and it would also mean that we dominated the best that the Big Sky had to offer. Maybe then we'd stop hearing about how great the Big Sky is. Or maybe it's just a case of the LPM being able to dominate any federation we chose. I think it's a combination of both."

Styles: "I guess now all we can do is sit and wait for a response from LVE and Mason."

Gunn: "You not gonna address your opponent for Tuesday?"

Styles: "Nope."

Gunn: "Ok."

****Scene fades out****