**Scene begins at some kind of smash up derby at the local fair grounds in Nashville. We see little kids in overalls running around with cotton candy in their hands and all over their face. Off to one corner there is a clown with some balloons. A swarm of children are around him, begging and crying for their parents to buy them an overpriced balloon animal. In the background, we can hear the roar of engines, and the smashing of steel on steel. Walking past the clown, we see the members of the Lincoln Park Mafia. Josh Styles is wearing a pair of khaki walking shorts and a Detroit Tigers' baseball jersey. He's got a thing of cotton candy in his hand, and just like the kids, some on his face. Next to him is Tommy Gunn, wearing a pair of Hilfiger blue jeans and a white tshirt with the LPM logo on the right chest. And on his other side is Sebastian Black, in a pair of black jeans, and a red tshirt. The three make their way towards the derby area, and find an open spot by the railing to watch the derby**

Styles: "So this is what these folks down here do for fun. Watching a car wreck. Man they live the good life don't they."

Black: "I'll never understand the fascination with a demolition derby. I mean, take a piece of crap car, fit it with an engine, just to have it get all smashed up. Seems pretty ludicrous to me."

Gunn: "Well if you look at the folks at this place, maybe they just get excited over the sound of smashing cars. Take that one doofus over there. He keeps clapping everytime a car engine starts."

**Black and Styles look over at the man that Gunn is referring to**

Styles: "Hey, that's Johnny Hawke!"

Black: "No it's not. Johnny Hawke wouldn't wear a tshirt that says 'He's with stupid' on the front."

Styles: "Are you sure? 'Cause that looks an awful lot like him. I'm gonna go say hi."

**Styles walks over to the man, as Gunn and Black just shake their heads. As the camera gets closer to the man, we see him to be a man in his mid to late thirties, with a nice beer gut and a mullet. A couple of his front teeth are missing, and there appears to be either drool or food around his mouth. Styles walks up to the man**

Styles: "Hey Johnny! Imagine running in to you here."

Yokul: "Huh? Are ye talkin' te me, feller? 'Ciz the name's Eugene, not that ther Johnny or whatever yer sayin'."

Styles: "Oh come on, Johnny. You don't have to be bashful. But dude, I gotta say, with the money you make running the IWF, I woulda thought you could afford to buy a new shirt, or atleast afford a stick of deoderant."

Yokul: "Listen here feller, I reckon y'all better leave me alone. 'Cause right over there, that be ma big brother Cletus. He don't take too kindly to strangers pickin' on his lil bro."

Styles: "Awe, Johnny, why do you have be like that? Ok, ok, I get it, you want to watch the derby in peace. I guess I'll just talk to you Sunday night then. Take care, buddy."

Yokul: "I'ma watch ther derby now, so y'all take care too. No hard feelin's."

**Styles returns to his friends at the spot by the railing**

Black: "I told you it wasn't him."

Styles: "Are you kidding me? Of course it was. He just wanted to remain anonymous so that the legions and legions of 'The Franchise' Johnny Hawke fans don't stampede him for autographs. But don't worry, I think I made a good impression on him. I also got the sense that he's proud and honored to have the Lincoln Park Mafia as his federation's Tag Team champions."

Black: "Yeah.....so anyways, it looks like Wicked P finally opened his mouth about your match. Although for some reason, he was more intent on talking about the World title."

Styles: "Yeah, I didn't understand that part. But atleast he admitted he found me funny."

Gunn: "For twenty seconds."

Styles: "Hey shut up. I take that as a compliment, especially from someone with an attention disorder like him. I mean, one minute he's talking about me and Gagliardi, then the next he goes off into dreamland talking about taking on Chang or Somers for the World title. Wicked P, focus dude, 'cause the man standing in front of you is the man that's gonna hand you another loss. I'll give you one thing though. I'm glad you agree that Nashville is a hick town, but please don't ever agree with something I say. When a putz like you agrees with me, then that makes my credibility go out the window."

Styles: "Now atleast Wicked P has decided to speak. Atleast I know that one of my opponents is alive and kicking."

Black: "Actually Gagliardi spoke briefly too. But he didn't mention you. Atleast I'm assuming it was him, cuz it was a dude named Lou."

Styles: "Really? When was this?"

Black: "It was during Jade Austin's promo. Atleast I thought it was him. Ah well, pretend it was him. Atleast that way it'll seem like he's important."

Styles: "Hmm...ok. Man, I missed that one. Ah well, it doesn't really matter, because quite frankly, Gagliardi is of no concern to me. This match will come down to myself and Wicked P, and P....can I call you P? P, you won't have to concern yourself with a run-in by the rest of the LPM, because to be honest, you're not worth the time and effort in formulating an elaborate run-in attack. So ease your mind, my friend. It's just gonna be me in that ring with you. But trust me, that'll be much more than you can handle."

**Styles looks around, searching for his cotton candy**

Styles: "Wasn't I carrying cotton candy when we arrived?"

Gunn: "Yeah...that's kinda weird, dude. Maybe it's just a technical glitch with the IWF television crew. I'm sure it'll turn up somewhere."

Styles: "Hmm..I hope so. That was some good shit. Nashville is a suck ass town, but their cotton candy is great."

**Black glares at Gunn and Styles. He seems upset that they're rambling on about nothing in particular, especially when they've got a big title defence coming up against...against....well they've got a big title defence**

Black: "Styles, you can goof around all you want, but Tommy, it would be nice if you got a little serious for a moment. We've got a Title match against the AEP and The Foresaken on Sunday, and I don't know about you, but I wanna keep these straps for a while longer."

Gunn: "Relax, dude. There's nothing to worry about. Neither opponent provides much of a threat to us. I mean, the AEP hasn't been heard from since we beat their ass all over the arena. They talked a big game about how they're so damn unbeatable, and how they've defeated such and such a team and that they'd just add our names to their victim count, but then we taught them a lesson, Lincoln Park style. Same thing's gonna happen this Sunday, the only difference being it'll be in a different city. And as far as The Foresaken goes, apparently you boys either don't think too highly of us, or you think a wee bit too highly of your own abilities. Because what we saw in your promo doesn't sit too well with us."

Black: "The Foresaken...Ash and Lucian...it seems that for the most part, you view the LPM as an afterthought. As we tuned in to finally hear our opponents speak, we had to listen to what seemed like an eternity of you guys droning on about Hunter and the New Breed. Minute after minute, you guys went on about how Hunter's going to be in a world of trouble when you guys get your hands on him. It wasn't until later on that you guys even felt the need to mention us. And when you did...well let's just say we're not impressed with how little you think of us. You say that facing you guys will be alot different than when we did a number on the New Breed, well I tend to agree with that statement. But not because of the reason you stated. Rather, it's because unlike yourselves, the New Breed actually has some skill. When we hoisted Hunter and Gyon over those ropes, choking them out with those chains, we made an immediate mark on the federation because we took the top team, the top dog if you will, and we humbled them. But you guys on the other hand, if...no make that when we take you out LPM style, it won't have quite the same effect. And that simply is because you're a pair of nothings. You're Morris' lapdogs, his stooges, his lackeys. So unlike when we put the New Breed out to pasture and made ourselves famous, this time it'll just be us taking the IWF garbage out to the curb."

**As Black and Gunn are busy addressing the Foresaken, in the background the derby comes to an end, as there is only one car remaining. People start to filter towards the exits, and back towards the fairgrounds. Gunn, Black and Styles follow the crowd and head off towards the rides. Styles sees the man he was talking to earlier, and waves at him**

Styles: "See you on Sunday, Johnny."

****Scene fades out****