**Scene begins at rush hour, somewhere in Detroit. The streets are littered with hundreds of automobiles travelling to their respective destinations. Travelling one way is a mini-van, driven by a middle aged woman. In the back seat, we see kids playing and running around, as she screams at them to sit down. At the same time, travelling in the opposite direction is a city bus, carrying businessmen, students, elder people alike. The sidewalks are a mosh pit of heads, all bunched together like sardines in a sardine can. People bump and push, shove and curse. All in all, your typical scene at 5 pm on a friday near a busy downtown Detroit intersection**

**Just then, the camera pans in on an old building, which from the looks of it, used to be some kind of grand hall, or studio. But now, as has become familiar in EWF and IWF circles, the building is recognizable as the Lincoln Park Mafia's home away from home, or affectionately known as 'The Crib'. Just then, a taxicab pulls up to the corner, and out steps a figure standing about 6 feet tall. His 'teen heartthrob' hair cut, and dark oakley glasses give him the first appearance of a member of one of those lame ass boy bands. But as the camera moves close, we see the face of none other than Josh Styles. He pays the cab driver, and makes his way towards the building, opening the double swinging doors, and disappearing inside. His mind appears to be on other matters, as he strolls through the main corridor and down the hallway that leads to the LPM's main training gym. We can see his lips moving, almost as if he is speaking to himself**

Styles: "Hey guys, guess who can wrestle again...no, no...umm...true or false, the LPM rides three strong once more....no....not that either...let's see.."

**Suddenly, as he reaches for the door leading to the gymnasium, it opens, and on the other side are Sebastian Black and Tommy Gunn. All three men are startled slightly, but Gunn and Black look at Styles with a weird expression**

Gunn: "Uhh...do you want to be left alone with yourself to finish your conversation?"

**Gunn and Black laugh**

Styles: "Very funny. No, actually I need to talk to you guys. Let's go into the office."

Black: "We were just about to get some dinner. Can't this wait?"

Styles: "No it can't."

**The three individuals walk towards the far end of the gymnasium, and up the stairs towards the office. They disappear behind closed doors for a few moments, as the camera pans around the training facility while it waits. As the three are engaged in conversation, we can hear subtle mumblings coming from within the office. Nothing audible, just sounds of discussion. Finally, after about ten or so minutes, the door swings open, and the camera crew enters the office. Inside, we see the three LPM members sitting on the leather sofas, deep in thought**

Black: "So....like...what now? We're tag team champs. I mean...like...how is this gonna work?"

Gunn: "Yeah man. I mean, before we each had our roles. Me and C-Bass did the grunt work, and you provided the strategy. But what now? Won't this just mess things up?"

Styles: "You guys, you're not lookin' at the big picture. This is huge for the Lincoln Park Mafia. Think about it, we'll always have a fresh man. While other teams have to go out there week in week out and compete, we can alternate. One week, it's me and Gunner. The next it's Gunner and C-Bass. Then the next it's me and C-Bass. We're gonna be fresher, and because of it, one step ahead of whoever we face."

Black: "And Hawke's gonna go for this? Allow any three of us to defend these tag team belts?"

Styles: "He has no choice. You see, he made a mistake when signing us to a contract. Well maybe not a mistake, but an oversight on his behalf. You see, when he signed us to a contract, and ultimately booked us for a Tag Team title shot, he booked the Lincoln Park Mafia for the title shot. Which, if you look at our contracts, clearly states that the THREE of us are the Lincoln Park Mafia. See what I'm gettin' at?"

Gunn: "Ok, ok I get it. So what yer sayin' is he didn't book Gunn and Black to face Kakuma and Joker. He booked the LPM, which in effect means he gave us the option of any three of us winning, and consequently, defending these titles."

Styles: "Exactly!"

**A huge grin creeps across the faces of each men**

Black: "Ok then, so now what. We've got a match against the AEP. So which of us is gonna be defending these belts?"

Styles: "The way I see it, that doesn't have to be known until the bell rings. Which means, those two over sized walking dead immitators can't really prepare for just two of us. They've gotta be prepared to deal with whichever combo we feel is right at the time."

Black: "Understandable enough. So now that that's been dealt with, what else needs addressing?"

Styles: "Well a couple of things come to mind. First off, Friday Night Friction is turning into a real snooze-fest, don't you think? I mean, half the guys booked haven't even decided to show up to the arena for pre-match regulation bullshit. That'd look real silly on Hawke if half his roster is a no-show. I'm thinkin' Hawke got too greedy too early. Before this stinkin' fed was even established, he decides to run two weekly shows. But I suppose that's always been the trademark of Johnny Hawke. Believing he can do more than he's actually capable of."

Styles: "The second thing I wanna touch on is the champions in this federation. First you have the X Title, or whatever the hell it's called. We've got nothing competitors fighting it out for a nothing title. Psychoz vs. Damien Froste vs. Submissioner vs. Ray Anderson vs. Midnight Mist. Winner gets the title. Like who gives a f**k who wins? Give the belt to Froste, atleast that way we get to see her on TV more. Other than that, it's pretty much a 'run and get popcorn' type match. Then we have the Mid-Atlantic Title. I think this title is for those individuals who rise above the crop of worthless talent, just enough to earn themselves a half decent title. But the current champ, Omega? Gimme a break, I'd school him in 5 minutes flat. The Mid-Atlantic title is supposedly the secondary title in this fed after the World title? If that's the case, then this fed's goin' under real soon. And finally, we have the World title."

**Styles chuckles to himself, smiling smuggly as he continues**

Styles: "What a debacle that turned out to be. First that washed up hasbeen John Steele wins the match to become the first ever World Champion in IWF history. But what does he do? He runs off like a little suck just 'cause his tramp of a girlfriend couldn't deal with the added pressure of running a legitimate commissioner's office. So now there's yet another match to decide the IWF World champion. Hopefully among the four of them, we can finally decide on a legitimate champion and not have to go through the whole Steele/Dawson/Hawke controversy again. But you know what, I'm gonna make a bold prediction. The true IWF World champion isn't even involved in that match. Nah, the man whose gonna be wearin' that strap before long is none other than the man who, quite simply put, can't be touched. Yeah you got that right, I'm givin' props to the newcomer, Steve Somers."

**The other two members of the LPM shoot Styles a weird glare**

Styles: "What? He's good. I remember him from the ESW days. Him and Blazer go way back. So I mean if he's good enough to hang with the 'Next Best Thing', then I guess he's ok in my books."

Gunn: "So what you're sayin' is that Somers is gonna be the next IWF World Champion because he's Untouchable?"

Black: "Nah, what he's saying is Somers is gonna be the next IWF World Champion because he's the ELITE of the Elite"

Styles: "Hahaha cut it out. Even though half the IWF roster lacks the mental capacity of a three legged dog, I think they're gonna catch our drift at what we're hinting at. But then again, if they don't watch our promos maybe they won't. But by that time, it'll be too late. But just in case, we'll leave you with something to ponder..."

Styles: "Don't confuse EXTINCTION with EXPANSION."

**The three LPM members start laughing hysterically. With the obvious clues dropped about, one with a half decent knowledge of the LPM's background might start to wonder what's about to hit the IWF. Or could it be that they're just taking the piss out of Somers. LPM taking the piss out of someone? Nahhhh!!**

****Scene fades out****