**Scene opens outside a hospital in Detroit. It appears to be midday, as we see doctors and nurses scurrying about. The whine of ambulance sirens can be heard, followed by the split second chaos as an emergency victim is rushed inside the hospital. Just then, Josh Styles steps out of a taxi cab. He's dressed in a casual pair of knee length walking shorts, and a white golf tshirt. He makes his way up the sidewalk, through the automatic sliding doors, and into the main lobby. He approaches the help desk, where we see an attractive woman decked out in a tight grey sweater, and her hair pulled back in a ponytail. Styles walks up to her and smiles**

Styles: "Hi there. I've got an appointment with Dr. Mills. Could you tell me how to get to his office?"

Receptionist: "Certainly. You follow that hallway until you reach the elevators. Then you go up to the 4th floor. Once you get out of the elevators, take a right and follow that hallway all the way to the end. His office will be on the left."

Styles: "Thanks."

Receptionist: "My pleasure."

**She smiles at Styles. As he begins to walk away he winks at her, then heads off down the hallway. He reaches the elevator doors, and enters the elevator. Scene fades as the elevator doors close**

**Scene reopens in Dr. Mills' office. It's fairly busy in the waiting room, as we see people reading magazines to pass the time, as well as a couple of little kids playing with their toys as their mother watches them. Styles is reading a magazine, trying to ignore the annoying sounds of kids whining and laughing. Just then, the secretary calls out**

Secretary: "Mr. Styles. Doctor Mills is ready for you now. Right this way."

**She leads Styles into this office and directs him to have a seat. She then exits the office, closing the door behind her as she leaves. Styles starts playing around with the various medical models sitting on the doctor's desk. A few short moments later, doctor Mills enters the room and extends his hand to Styles**

Dr. Mills: "Good afternoon Josh, and what can we do for you today?"

Styles: "Well doctor, as I told your secretary on the phone, I'd like you to clear me to return to the ring."

Dr. Mills: "I see. Well, let's take a look at you, and we'll see from there what course of action we can take."

**Dr. Mills instructs him to take off his shirt, and lay down on the examination table. Styles lays down on his front, and lets his arms hang down from the table, as the doctor proceeds to poke around his back. With each manipulation, Styles grimmaces, his back still tender when touched in specific areas. After about a 15 minute examination, Dr. Mills tells Styles to put his shirt back on, and join him at his desk**

Dr. Mills: "Josh, I have to be straight with you. Although your back seems much better than it was even a couple of months after the accident, it still worries me. Because of the specific procedure we had to perform on you, it required that part of your vertebrae had to be fused together, meaning that a portion of your spinal cord doesn't quite absorb impact like it should, hence your cronic back pain. My main concern is that with the vigors of wrestling a full schedule, the rest of your spinal cord will in effect, have to compensate for the lack of absorption by that area we operated on, and can cause permanent damage to your ability to live a normal life. One bad neck injury and it could be your career."

Styles: "Doc, I understand that. But the thing is, that can be said about anyone in this business. If anyone gets dropped on their head, they could be severly injured. I know the risks, doc. All I want is for you to say that it's OK for me to compete."

**Dr. Mills rests his chin in his hands, thinking over his final recommendation**

Dr. Mills: "Are you sure this is what you want?"

Styles: "More than anything, doc. Seeing my boys Sebastian and Tommy in that ring, receiving those accolades, holding those Tag straps....something inside me just cries out for wanting the same thing. I want this to be my time. Josh Styles' time. And that's where I need your help. Doc, just sign the necesary paperwork, and I'm good to go."

Dr. Mills: "As long as you understand the risks as I've explained them to you, then I'll sign the waiver that will allow you to compete full time in the ring once more."

**Styles leaps forward and gives the doctor a hug. He then composes himself and extends his hand to Dr. Mills. Dr. Mills smiles, and shakes his hand. As Dr. Mills finishes filling out the necesary forms, Josh Styles shuffles around in his chair like a nervous and excited little boy. Finally, Dr. Mills finishes with the paperwork, and hands it over to Styles**

Dr. Mills: "There you go. Good luck with your wrestling career."

Styles: "Thanks doc! It's time the IWF got a taste of the 'Real Impact Player', Josh Styles!"

**Styles shakes Dr. Mills' hand once more, then exits the office**

****Scene fades out****