"Riddler Me This, Riddle Me That"

**Scene begins at the mysterious castle we visited a week or so ago. The GW camera crew stands before the large twin doors of the castle, as the weather quickly begins to change from sunshine, to light drizzle and grey skys. The doors swing open, and standing before the camera is The Shadow's servant, Alexander. Without a single word spoken, he leads the GW camera crew to the large study where The Shadow's debut interview had taken place. The camera crew enters the room. We see The Shadow sitting in his familiar chair, with his back turned towards us. He appears to be holding something in his hand, which seems to have captured his attention. As he stares at the item in his hand, he finally notices the camera crew, and place the item, resembling a piece of paper, on the table beside him and addresses the crew**

"Ah gentlemen, it's so good of you to come. I've been eagerly awaiting your visit, especially after receiving this in the mail."

**He holds up the piece of paper for the camera**

"As soon as I was informed that I have been booked in a match, my first in the GW, I knew I should be expecting you. Now then, I suppose this match will prove whether or not I belong amongst the superstars of the GW. It's not exactly the match of choice, but I suppose being new requires you make such sacrifices. I'd much rather face off against one individual to see who the best man.....or in Mandy's case, woman....is, rather than having to, atleast to a certain extent, rely on your...partner. But I suppose the one thing that I can take solace in is the fact it is an elimination style match, meaning that sooner or later, it comes down to each person's ability to survive and defeat their foe. That's the way I like it, that's what competition is all about."

**He adjusts his posture, leaning forward slightly as he continues. The darkness of the study makes his piercing green eyes ever so noticeable through the eye holes in his mask**

"Now as for my opponents in my debut match, this will be a tough one to analyze. For the simple fact of the matter is I know little to nothing about them. What I do know is that in their previous encounter, Saber Biohazard defeated Warlord Cale. Impressive win, but such a short match for me to be able to analyze both wrestlers' styles decisively. I also know that both wrestlers have distinctly different wrestling styles, with Saber relying on his speed and agility, and Warlord focussed more on overpowering his smaller, and more than likely, weaker opponents. Saber at 6'1 and 246 lbs, Warlord at 7'2 and 339 lbs. Indeed, a strikingly different approach to each individual must be taken. But perhaps they'll be more interested in resuming their fight from the week previous, and will perhaps then wear each other out. I'm quite certain that Warlord Cale will want retribution for his loss to Saber Biohazard, as well as Saber wanting to prove that his victory was not a fluke. So perhaps I can use this to my advantage to fly under the proverbial radar, and take them both out when they least expect it. Which then leads me to the final competitor in this match. The third and final foe standing in my way to victory."

**He takes a deep breathe, and lets out a sigh. The uneasiness he feels about stepping into the ring with a female is obvious by his demeanor**

"Mandy....how do I go about dealing with you, my precious little thing. I am not one to treat women as inferior, and I am certainly not one to take any of my opponents lightly. But Mandy is causing quite the quandry for myself. Through all my career in the world of professional wrestling, I have never been booked in a match with a female. In my experience, a woman has always been a creature to savour, to be gentle with. A creature that is soft to the touch. A creature that should be protected, not hurt. You see, Mandy, what I must do to you in our match goes against everything that I've been taught, everything that I've learned my whole life about how to treat a lady. Whether it is your mother, your sister, your girlfriend, your wife, or your daughter, I was always taught to respect and protect them. But in our match, what I'm going to do....no, make that what I have to do to you is something I will take no enjoyment in doing."

"You see, you are, just as Saber and Warlord are, a stepping stone for me. Just as I wear this mask to hide my identity, I will mask everything I have learned about how to treat a woman, and shield it from my judgement when we step foot inside that squared circle together. Mandy, you will learn, just as both Saber and Warlord will, that I intend on walking out of that match as the winner, the sole survivor. Then perhaps, Mandy, I can treat you like all women deserve to be treated, if you catch my drift."

**He lets out an audible laugh, his eyes narrowing through the slits of his mask. He rests his face in his hands, as the camera pans away from his face**

****Scene ends****