"Riddler Me This, Riddle Me That"

**Scene opens at what appears to be some kind of old style, English castle. Standing all alone on top of a hill, with only a winding road leading to it, the castle gives off the instinct impression that it is uninhabited. We follow the camera up the pathway, and to the two large wooden doors which separate the inside dwellings of the castle, with that of the outside world. Standing before these doors is a shadowy figure, dressed in a black trenchcoat, with his unmistakeable blue and red mask clearly visible to the camera**

"Good evening, Global Wrestling fans, and welcome to my humble abode. Come walk with me as I take you into my world, and perhaps give you a little insight into who...or perhaps I should say, what I am. Right this way."

**The figure pushes the doors open, and leads the camera into the main entrance hall, where various paitings and tapistries hang from the walls. The masked figure stops briefly, to allow the camera to pan around the room to capture the various decorations. He then leads the camera into what appears to be his study. There are rows and rows of shelves, stacked with books along each wall. In the center of the room, there is an old rug covering the wooden floor. On the rug, sits a single chair, with a side table and lamp beside it. Across from it, is a large leather sofa. The masked figure takes a seat on the single chair, and motions for the cameraman to sit across from him on the sofa**

"Care for some refreshments?"

**The camera man, thinking he's only there to tape the promo, hesitates for a minute, not knowing whether to respond on camera. The masked figure retains his stare at the cameraman, so he realizes he might as well answer**

"Uhh...yeah, I guess....thanks."

"Not a problem. Alexander, two scotch on the rocks."

**The cameraman looks over his shoulder to see who the masked figure is addressing, when suddenly he jumps with a start. Standing behind him is an imposing man, who had quietly and unbeknownst to him, walked into the room. The imposing individual, apparently named Alexander, walks off to retrieve the refreshments, without making a sound. The cameraman turns his attention back to the masked man across from him**

"When I first learned of this Global Wrestling federation, I thought to myself that it would be the perfect place to showcase my skills. I thought long and hard about which federation I should sign with. I thought long and hard about what criteria I should base my final decision on. Should it be which company offers me the most money? Should it be the one with the least talent, so that I can jump right into the title picture? Or perhaps, should it be a federation whereby the talent is at such a level that it pushes my own abilities to the limit. It makes me work harder, and be more focussed."

"So I sat down, and together with my personal assistant, Alexander, decided that at this point in my career, titles and money are secondary to what I thrive for each and every day, each and every time I step foot in the squared circle. No, no, I thrive for the challenge. I thrive for the chance to step in the ring against the best of the best, and walk out victorious, and seeing the expression on my fallen foe's face, where you can see that you've earned his respect. So when I sit down and weighed my options, there was really only one choice as to where I'd sign."

**Just then, Alexander returns with a tray, carrying two glasses. He walks over to the masked figure and hands him a glass, then proceeds over to the cameraman, and hands him his glass. We see the cameraman's arm reach forward on screen to receive the glass, then disappear offscreen. Alexander once again makes his exit from the study without saying a word**

"As for who I've set my sights on, that'll be known in due time. I see one familiar name, although our association was...how shall I put it....short lived. Perhaps our pathes shall cross once more, and we can take care of some unfinished business."

"Now, you're probably wondering why I choose to wear this mask to keep my identity a secret. Let me explain."

**He slides his finger down the front of his mask, outlining it as he speaks**

"Let me assure you that it's not because I was burned as a child, or because I wish to actually hide my identity. No, rather I'd just prefer to earn my success here on my abilities, not on who I am. You see, one painful lesson I've learned throughout my career is when you've made a name for yourself, whether it be on a small or large scale, then that name follows you from job to job, or in this case, federation to federation. From my experience, it causes a wide spectrum of attitudes from both federation presidents, and fellow wrestlers. Either you enter with much fanfare, and because of your 'name', you're given instant success in the form of undeserved title shots. On the other hand, you encounter the complete opposite. Power crazed presidents are determined to prove your reputation is a fraud, and again because of your 'name', you find yourself on the short end of alot of match bookings, such as not receiving title shots even after you've earned them."

"Therefore, I prefer to remain anonymous, and allow my in ring performance to dictate what I do or don't deserve. The sweetest victory of all will be the one when I know that I earned it, not my NAME. Perhaps then, and only then, shall I discard this mask to reveal my true identity. But until then, you will know me only as...."

**He stands up, and walks towards the camera, putting his face right in front of the camera lens**


**He reaches forward and places his hand over the lens**

****Scene ends****