[Scene opens at a hospital just outside of Detroit. We're inside what appears to be a physio therapy room, as we watch a physiotherapist putting Josh Styles through the paces, rehabbing his injured knee. With each instruction he's given, the grimace of pain on his face is unmistakeable]

Therapist: "I know it is still extremely sensitive and painful, but you've gotta exercise the muscle, and the area around the scar so that when it heals, it'll not heal with the scar tissue stuck to the bone."

Styles: "It f**king hurts! I can't move the damn knee. It's only been a couple of weeks, isn't this too soon to be doin' this sh*t already?"

Therapist: "I realize that Mr. Styles. But as I said, we've got to make sure the scar tissue doesn't heal to the bone. If we wait until the knee is completely better, then that will have already happened. Just a couple more knee bends."

[Styles curses under his breath. He looks at his physiotherapist, who is a very attractive young woman, and starts thinking that he'd rather be rocking her world, than doing stupid knee bends. As she continues to be his "spotter", crouching in front of him, he takes the opportunity to glance down her top, and ogle her more than abundant cleavage]

[Meanwhile, as Styles continues with his physio session, we see Tommy Gunn and Sebastian Black sitting off to one corner. Gunn appears to have one of those stress balls in his hand, squeezing it as he and Black are engaged in conversation. The two are decked out in 'LPM' gear, sporting the new line of Lincoln Park Mafia designer long-sleeve tshirts]

Gunn: "If Distortion wasn't the biggest f**king rip off, I don't know what is. Time limit draw? What the f**k is that all about?"

Black: "Just be glad that the announcer actually got your name correct. If that isn't a sign of lack of respect for myself and the entire Lincoln Park Mafia that they kept referring to me as Josh Styles. But that's fine, 'cause after Re-birth, they won't make that same Freudian slip, when Tommy Gunn and Sebastian Black are announced as the new EWF Tag Team Champions."

Gunn: "Could you imagine the poor souls that watched our match on television? The marquee match of the evening, and it results in a time limit draw. To top things off, they'd be wondering how the hell Styles made such a miraculous recovery, from sitting in a wheelchair, to going toe to toe with the current tag champs."

Black: "Yeah, well let's just hope it was a one time slip up, otherwise we'll have to give the announcers a taste of what the LPM is all about. What we did to Hunter and Gyon will seem like child's play."

Gunn: "Speaking of those two, we gotta prepare our strategy to face them."

Black: "Dude, they backed out of the match. They were replaced by Outkast and Hangman."

Gunn: "They were? S**t, then I guess we gotta prepare for Hangman and Outkast now."

Black: "Well there was a rumor going around that they had also been pulled from the match, and that it'd just be a tornado tag match between us and the Birdz. But judging by all the promotional posters plastered everywhere, they're still a go in the match. Seems to me that whoever is running this place has no clue what's going on. Hopefully this time we won't have to worry about some rediculous time limit draw situation."

[As Black and Gunn continue their conversation, we hear a loud scream from where Styles is working with his physio therapist. Gunn and Black look over, and see Styles in a lot of discomfort, as the therapist has him bending his leg as much as he can, then straightening it out as much as possible. They turn their attention back to their conversation]

Gunn: "Yeah no doubt. Unfortunately, so far the Whirlyz have been relatively quiet. I guess Wendy's not as interested in us now that we no longer talk about her skin flick. Hey man, do you even know anything about Hangman and Outkast? I don't think I've seen a single promo of theirs since we arrived in the E-dubya-F."

Black: "Nope, they are a complete mystery to me. The one and only thing I know about them is they're part of Thieves of Sanity, or atleast Outkast is. Not too sure about Hangman. Hopefully as the Pay Per View approaches, we'll hear more of them, and we'll be able to better plan for our match."

Gunn: "As for the Whirlybirdz, what more is there to say about them? You've got Twister, who tries to be all laid back and s**t, but judging by Distortion, his true character came through. Then you have Wendy, the two dollar whore, who claims to be a legitimate actress, but we all know she craves the attention that only porn flicks would bring her. Then of course, we've got their manager, who I think is more obsessed with tickling Wendy's G-spot than any man on the face of this earth. I wonder if Dan and Wendy will have an on-air sex scene like those two punks from the Highlighters like to have."

Black: "You mean Hawk and Icon? Yeah must run in the family to be exhibitionist perverts. It's a sad day in the wrestling industry when TV time is wasted on two sex-starved morons, and their loose sluts. Although I guess as long as Hawk and Icon are around, Wendy will never have a problem finding co-stars."

Gunn: "Yep. So I guess we've just gotta take the wait and see approach. Hopefully the Birdz will start talkin' again, and Outkast and Hangman will show up."

[Another scream is heard from behind them. They turn around, expecting to see Styles in some awkward stretched position, but instead see him holding his cheek, as the therapist storms out of the room in anger]

Styles: "Well geeze!! I was just holding on to them for balance!"

[Scene fades out]