[Scene opens outside the United Center, in Chicago. The daytime sun casts down upon the parking lot, as we see the first signs of springtime, as the frost and snow has melted away from the majority of the surrounding scenary. Standing in the center of the parking lot are three familiar men, members of the Lincoln Park Mafia. Josh Styles is wearing a pair of blue jeans, with a Black Hawks' jersey over his tshirt. Sebastian Black is wearing a pair of cargo pants, and a windbreaker jacket, with the LPM logo on the chest. The final man, Tommy Gunn, is wearing a pair of khaki pants, and like Black, sports a windbreaker with the LPM logo on the chest. He also sports what appears to be a camcorder in his right hand, resting upon his shoulder]

[The camera switches from the regular panaramic view from a regular television camera, to that from the view of the camcorder resting on Gunn's right shoulder. He has it focussed towards the United Center, panning left and right, to capture the entire structure in the shot. He then lowers it, and fixes the blurry focus, as the camera now points directly at Styles and Black]

Styles: "Is that thing on?"

[We see the camera move up and down, as Gunn nods]

Styles: "Ok good. Well ladies and gentlemen, we're here outside the United Center, in the fabulous city of Chicago. This passed Wednesday evening, the United Center was what I'd like to refer to as the 'blossoming' career of EWF's very own, Wendy Briese."

[The three perform a mock clap, and begin to laugh]

Styles: "You see, at Distortion, I'm proud to say that we, the Lincoln Park Mafia, in cooperation with Lincoln Park Mafia film distribution, launched our sweet little Wendy on her way to a successful 'film noire' career. The fans at the United Center were treated to what is known in the movie business as a trailer. We all got to witness miss Briese in all her glory. Unfortunately, the boys in the truck cut off the tape before we got a chance to see the good parts. But not to worry Wendy, darling. The LPM still owns copies of the full length version, complete and uncut. And may I add, you certainly can cut glass with the best of them."

[This illicits another round of laughter from the other two members of the LPM]

Styles: "You know, instead of paying that perverted yutz, Dan Pullonmymonkski, to be your manager, maybe you should consider a management change, and sign on with us. We've already proven we can get you the national 'exposure' you want."

Styles: "But as far as our match itself was concerned, you didn't actually BEAT us, you beat the other two freaks who we have the displeasure of facing next week. It wasn't an LPM shoulder you pinned to the mat, so just be rest assured, if you defeat the New Breed next week, it'll be the LPM that you'll be facing in your first ever tag title defence. Only this time, maybe the fans will be treated to a live broadcast of 'Wendy Briese: Uncut and Uncensored'."

[Gunn turns the camera to focus on Black, as we see Styles walk over towards the hotdog vendor on the sidewalk across the street]

Black: "As Josh elluded to, next week we'll be facing Mad Insanity and Curse once more. As if having to step foot in the ring with those losers once wasn't bad enough, CEO Demise sees fit to put us in a match with them once more. But the only positive thing is this time the match has alot more meaning. This time the winner of the match earns the number one contender spot for the tag team title. Mad Insanity, Curse, you two are just a means to an end. If we seem to be concerning ourselves a great deal with you two, don't let it get to your egos. The sole reason we are doing that is because you are our next step to what we entered the EWF to achieve. Believe me when I say that after our match is over and done with, you two will be just as much on our minds as getting our wisdom teeth pulled."

[Styles returns with a tray full of hotdogs. Black looks at him with a puzzled look on his face, wondering how Styles is going to be able to finish all of those]

Black: "Why'd you buy so many hotdogs? There has to be atleast a dozen in that tray."

Styles: "Eleven to be exact. And I didn't buy them. The hotdog vendor gave them to me for free."

Black: "For free?"

Styles: "Well not for free, but just in exchange for a copy of the Wendy Briese sex tape. So yeah, he's gonna be dropping by the 'Crib' later on to pick up his copy."

[Black shakes his head]

Black: "Do you really think it's a good idea to get her this stirred up? I mean I'm all for the psychological mindgames, but our match with the Whirlyz is done and over with. Maybe we should concentrate on Mad Insanity and Curse, and the tag team champs, the New Breed, rather than worrying about whether or not Wendy Briese's drapes match the carpet."

[Styles laughs at Black's comment, finding it especially funny because Black has a serious expression on his face, and doesn't realize he phrased it in a humorous way]

Styles: "Dude, relax. I'm fully aware of the importance of our match against Mad Insanity and Curse next week. And I'm fully aware of what we'll need to do to stand a chance against the Wolfgang when we get our title shot. But dude, how often does an opportunity to make a profit off of a beautiful woman come around? I'm just runnin' with it."

Black: "Just make sure you remember why we're here in the EWF. I want that tag team gold, and I'm not gonna let a little nude scene ruin that for me."

[Styles nods his understanding to Black, meanwhile Gunn starts to become restless behind the camera]

Gunn: "Hey man, someone else take this camera. I wanna say a few things on the air as well."

[Styles takes the camera from Gunn, and focusses on him as Gunn straightens his jacket to look 'spiffy' on camera. As Gunn begins to open his mouth to speak, Styles can be heard from behind the camera]

Styles: "And that's a wrap."

[Camera fades to black, as we can only hear Gunn's voice]

Gunn: "You're a f**king prick Styles."

[Scene fades out]