[Scene opens back at the LPM's warehouse, otherwise known as the 'Crib'. The three members of the L-P Mafia are seen sitting around the television set, watching the Gold Medal Game between Team Canada and Team USA. Black and Styles are wearing Team USA hockey jerseys, and Gunn is wearing an old Red Wings jersey, with 'Howe' written on the back]

[Just then, Team Canada scores to take a 4-2 lead, on a shot by Jerome Iginla that just barely sneaks across the goal line]

Styles: "F**k!!! G**damnit!!! Richter you putz, you shoulda had it!!"

Gunn: "Did Poti put it in his own net??"

[Black slams the television remote down onto the seat beside him in frustration]

Black: "No, it went in already. Richter just blew it on a pretty weak shot from Iginla. Man, I really thought we'd pull it out when we were putting pressure on them throughout the beginning of the third period."

Styles: "Hey Black, switch the channel, the game is over anyways."

[Black picks up the remote and switches the channel, just in time to see the latest Whirlybirdz promo. He's about to switch the channel again, since they are boring as hell, but then Wendy Briese enters the scene. The three men sorta stare at the television screen. Gunn turns to Black with a sly grin creeping across his face]

Gunn: "Dude, can you believe we actually get to get in the ring with that piece of ass? I wouldn't mind getting caught in a head scissors by her."

Styles: "Yeah man, it's matches like these that I wish I didn't tweak my knee."

Gunn: "Tweak your knee? Dude, would you f**k off with that lame excuse. You're still milking that injury so that you'd be getting disability checks while still bein able to earn money as a manager."

[Gunn and Styles glare at each other, looking like they might come to blows. Black interupts]

Black: "Would you guys be serious for a minute? We've got a very important match against the Whirlybirdz and umm...damn I still can't remember who the other team is. Some wack jobs or something. But the point is, you two seem more interested in having sex with Wendy than worrying about winning the match."

Styles: "Bro, did you see the ass on her though?"

Black: "Yes I did she.....I mean shut up! Whether or not shes got a great ass or not is of no consequence to our match. What is of consequence is winning. Naturally, since we are the new kids in the EWF, we've got even more to prove than either of our two opponents. If we lose, you can guarantee it could very well be our ticket to the dark matches. I don't know about you two, but Sebastian Black is here for the prime time, not to open shows."

Styles: "Well as far as I can tell, only Wendy is taking us seriously. I've had the displeasure of having to sit through both the Whirlybirdz and Mad Insanity/Curse's promos, and I can count on one hand the number of times the L-P Mafia has been mentioned. But you know what, I like that. I like being the underdog, because that way they'll be underestimating what we can do in that ring."

[While Black and Styles are talking, we see Gunn in the background, staring intensely at the television set, as the voice of Wendy Briese can be heard emanating from the TV in the background. Black stands up and makes his way over to the telephone, which is sitting on a desk in the far corner of the room]

Styles: "Who are you calling?"

Black: "I just got an idea. Seeing as how you guys are making miss Briese a big focal point of our match, and seeing as how she's an important part of the Whirlybirdz, I just thought of something that might give us an edge. My buddy that works at the United Center owes me a favor, so I'm calling it in."

[We see Black engaged in a telephone conversation with someone. Meanwhile, Styles and Gunn finish watching the end of the Whirlybirdz promo. Gunn switches the television set off]

Styles: "So it looks like we've found ourselves right in the middle of this war between Thieves of Sanity and Revolution X. In one corner, our opponents, Mad Insanity and Curse, are card carrying members of that she-male Atayla's group of misfits, Thieves of Sanity. And in the other corner, the Whirlybirdz, are members of a slightly disrupted Revolution X. Now if the match was just us versus those two teams, then I'd say we've got this one in the bag. But chances are, all hell is gonna break loose between these two stables, and we're gonna be caught right in the middle of it."

[Styles pauses for a second, then smiles at Gunn]

Styles: "But you know what, that's just perfect for us. What better way to make our mark on the EWF than to singlehandedly cripple two of the top stables in the federation. The way I see it, both are ripe for the picking. ToS have that freak Graves breathin' down their necks, and Revolution X has to deal with the void left by their main man, Todd Clayborne. Both factions will be so intent on proving their dominance to each other, that they'll forget all about the Lincoln Park Mafia, and that's when we're at our best, when the opposition doesn't expect it."

Styles: "Like a guy from our old stomping grounds always used to say, 'what the eyes see, and the ears hear, the mind believes'. Well that's exactly what's gonna happen. What you least expect to happen, will happen."

[Black finishes his phone conversation, and rejoins Gunn and Styles on the couch in front of the television set. The two men look at him, wondering what the results of his 'idea' produced]

Gunn: "Well?"

Black: "He'll do the best he can. But he's not sure if he can pull it off. If he gets caught, it'll result in him losing his job."

Gunn: "So now what? We just go in under the assumption that he'll be able to do whatever it is you have planned? Wait a minute, WE don't even know what you have planned."

[A sadistic smile creeps across Black's usually stoic expression. He let's his two teammates wait in anticipation for a few moments, before calling them in closer, and whispering something into their ears. As he continues to explain his plan, we see huge grins appear on the faces of Gunn and Styles]

[Scene fades out]