[Scene opens outside the EWF headquarters. The sun is shining down on a cold, yet beautiful winter day. The view we are seeing as that of a home movie, made with a handheld camcorder. The person operating the camera pans to his left, and then to the right, taking in the sights and sounds of the busy street. The camera then catches a glimpse of two men standing before the EWF headquarters. They're solidly built individuals, both wearing blue jeans, and fleece winter coats. The camera focusses on the first man, Tommy Gunn]

Gunn: "Hey, take a shot of that."

[He points towards the sign that sits above the entrance to the EWF building. The camera follows the direction he is pointing in, and we see 'Extreme Wrestling Federation: Wrestling Without Restrictions'. The man operating the camera keeps his focus on the sign a little longer for dramatic affect]

Gunn: "Hey Sebastian, I guess we've got no restrictions on the sh*t we can pull huh."

[The camera focusses on the second man, Sebastian Black, as he responds to Gunn's comment]

Black: "It's a slogan, I doubt very much that you should take that literally."

[Gunn shoots Black a dirty glare, mouthing some kind of swear under his breath. Just then, the man behind the camera speaks]

Styles: "Hey Gunner, take over filming would ya. I wanna get my mug on TV also."

[The camera's focus gets all out of whack, as the viewers get a nice upclose shot of the dirty sidewalk, as the man behind the camera, Josh Styles, hands it over to Gunn. After a few seconds, Gunn has the camera in focus once more. He focusses on Styles', as Styles looks into the lense to address the EWF]

Styles: "Well, we're here at the EWF headquarters, doing a little bit of sight seeing. EWF, the Extreme Wrestling Federation. Hey Sebastian, is it called Extreme because of the owner's name, or because the guys in this fed take things to the extreme?"

Black: "You got me there. Maybe a bit of both. I mean did you catch the last Distortion? Some warewolf guy showed up, and he was starin' face to face with some pale faced, 'Undead' guy. It was quite strange actually."

Styles: "Are you sure that was Distortion? You might be confused with that slasher flic we watched last night."

[Black shrugs his shoulders]

Black: "Well whatever. But either way we're..."

[Black pauses, as we see the camera drift off to follow an attractive young woman walk by. The camera follows her along, focussing on her more than athletic looking rear end]

Black: "Gunn!!"

Gunn: "Wha? Oh sorry, got a little...uh..distracted."

[Gunn turns the camera back towards Black]

Black: "As I was sayin', the EWF is gonna be our proving ground. Each federation, you see a common trend occur. You have your established veterans, and then you have your upstart newcomers. Usually, the newcomers get no credit at all, even if they are clearly more talented than those veterans. And judging from a few of the veterans in this company, that clearly is the case."

[He smiles smuggly into the camera. We can hear Gunn let out a chuckle from behind the camera]

Black: "Our first match in the EWF is against one team that seems to have a fetish for destroying automobiles, and the other...well to be honest I have no clue what the hell they are trying to prove. But at any rate, this is a perfect example of what I was getting at. Two veteran teams who are clearly outmatched both in skill and in intelligence by the newcomers."

Styles: "Not to mention looks."

Gunn: [from behind the camera]"Hey now, that Wendy chick is quite the looker."

Styles: "Ok then, we're better looking than 3/4 of our opponents then."

[Black shoots his teammates a dirty glare]

Black: "Can you two be serious for even a minute? Now where was I?"

Styles: "Being serious."

[Styles and Gunn can be heard laughing, as Black is obviously not impressed]

Black: "You know what, you guys can do this promo yourselves."

[We see Black start to walk away, with an annoyed look on his face. Styles and Gunn follow after him]

Styles: "Oh come on, we were just havin' a bit of fun."

[Scene fades out]