"Riddler Me This, Riddle Me That"

**Scene begins in the castle's library. The entire room is in darkness, with only the faintest of shadows of the furniture visible to the camera. It appears as though a figure is sitting in a chair in the center of the room. His outline can barely be seen, but is unmistakeable none the less. As the camera draws closer, the tableside lamp flicks on, and casts a circular ray of light over the figure sitting in the darkness. His mask is now clearly visible for the camera, as he rests his chin upon his hands**

"First thing's first. I'd like to thank my opponent, CJ Clemons, for allowing me to prove my worth to the rest of the ESW. The match itself was well contested, but the outcome was never in doubt. The question was never if the Enigma would defeat Clemons, but rather when the Enigma would defeat Clemons. You hung on long enough to make the outcome somewhat in question, but then I had the ANSWER to all the questions about when the match would be over. CJ Clemons, you were indeed an admirable foe, but my victory over you served a greater purpose, a greater good if you will. It provided me with leverage. It provided me with credibility. Ingredients I needed to move along and focus on my real reason for being here, my sole purpose. That purpose, is our World Champion, Chris Cammeron."

**The Enigma lifts his head from his hands, looking straight into the camera. His hands grip the arms of the chair tightly, as he focusses his energy on Cammeron**

"It seems I finally get my chance to face you in the ring, Mr. Cammeron. Next week, you and I square off, one on one, with the winner walking away the undisputed World Heavyweight Champion. Those are pretty high stakes, aren't they Cammeron. Next Sunday will be your true day of reckoning. You will finally have the opportunity to silence me, and silence my defiance of your abilities as champion."

"But you see, it's more than that, isn't it Cammeron. I've gotten to you. I've hit a nerve. My taunts have gotten under your skin, gotten inside your head. My words bore a hole deep within your brain, which reverberate in your psyche each time you hear the mention of the ESW World Title, or the name Enigma. It's like a bad advertising jingle. As aweful as it is, you can't get it out of your head. Once it has sunk into your memory, you are burdened with it. And so, Cammeron, you are burdened with me, with the Enigma, the symbol of your title reign. You may think that I don't know you, that I don't know your history, but the fact is, Cammeron, I know alot about you. I know how you operate, I know how you go about your business. Whenever you feel threatened, you eliminate the threat. You fear facing it head on, instead trying to sweep it under the proverbial rug. That's what you tried to do with Mark Wilder when you threw him out of the plane, and that is what you tried to do with me by ignoring my challenges. Unfortunately for you, it's out of your hands."

**The Enigma signals with his hand for something. Suddenly, a screen appears on the far wall, and from above we see the light of a movie projector directed towards the screen. The movie plays out and it becomes apparent that it is a tape of Chris Cammeron's tainted World Title victory. He allows the scene to play out, as the entire ending of the match is shown to the camera and audience. As the scene on the tape ends, the projector lights fade, and the screen once again disappears, and we are focussed back on the man sitting in the chair**

"That, Cammeron, was the moment of your downfall. The very moment in which AJ Simon laid down for you to allow you to pin him was the moment when your title reign went down in history as a black eye on the ESW World Title. You didn't earn the title, you got your lackey Simon to let you have the title. You might think that I first aimed to take that title from you only the day you heard my first words. But sadly, again, you would be mistaken. My goal, my purpose began the moment that AJ Simon laid down for you, and turned the prestige and honor of being the World Champion into a complete joke. That was the beginning of my quest to bring honor and prestige to the title you wear so arrogantly around your waist. This time you won't have AJ Simon to lay down for you. This time you won't have Jared Blazer as the special referee. This time you won't have Mark Wilder distracting Brett Barnes for you. This time, it will be you and me."

**His voice starts to raise in anger as he speaks. He leans forward, closer to the camera, as his knuckles turn white from grasping the chair**

"But your dishonor went further beyond that night. Although that was the climax, that was by far not the only instance where your selfishness emerged. Your entire title reign has been about you, and no one else. The men that helped you get to your place atop the ESW mountain, one by one you've seen to their demise. AJ Simon, the man who could have easily been where you are right now, but laid down for you, you unceremoniously fired from the Untouchables once he couldn't provide you with protection. He served his purpose, then was quickly discarded."

"Then came Mark Wilder. The man that everyone regarded as the true World Champion. When Wilder decided enough was enough, and that he was no longer going to be a part of your band of thugs, you saw fit to eliminate him. You realized that once Wilder left the Untouchables, you would no longer be safe from him, and acted quickly to ensure that you eliminated him before he could come back from what was rightfully his. Maybe it worked, maybe it didn't. So far, he seems to have little interest in your title, and rather is intent on continuing his mindgames with you. I noticed I touched a real nerve when I mentioned Wilder getting the better of you. Maybe I was mistaken, maybe it is you that has the upper hand on him. But it's all inconsequential after Meltdown, because once I rid you of the World Title, you'll have all the time in the world to match wits with Wilder."

"Which brings us to the final individual on that eventful Sunday night. Our acting commissioner, Jared Blazer."

**He massages his shoulder area where Blazer hit him with his crutch on Meltdown**

"Blazer, you might not realize it, but what you did on Meltdown might have been the smartest thing you could have done for yourself. No I am not referring to your cowardly attack on me. I am referring to you waiving my ban from coming near Cammeron. Who do you think Cammeron will be disposing of next? Don't you notice a pattern? First Simon, then Wilder, then guess who. It should be painfully obvious to everyone that Cammeron is out for Cammeron. Once the people he aligns with serve no purpose, he disposes of them. Even more so now Blazer, since you are no longer the United States Champion. My feeling is that you have been immune to Cammeron's paranoid tendencies because while you were wearing the U.S. strap, he had nothing to fear from you. But the moment that you came crashing down from that ladder, and the moment that Morris snatched that belt from high above the ring, you became an instant threat to Chris Cammeron. The moment you lost your title, you had to realize that Cammeron's mind would be working overtime, assuming that now that you were title-less, that you'd come after him. So just like Simon and Wilder, you would sooner or later, have to be eliminated."

"But then you did something intelligent. You allowed my ban to be lifted, and in the process, focussed all of Cammeron's nervous energy on me once more. We both know it wasn't intentional, in fact you probably regret it, because now your precious stable will endure yet another loss. First you lost your U.S. Title, and now, I am going to take Cammeron's World Title."

**He shakes his head in disgust**

"And now Cammeron has this Black Phantom to do his dirty work. This must be Cammeron's insurance policy. The man under the mask, whoever you are, I suggest you study Cammeron's past history carefully. Because I doubt very much that he's got your best interest in mind. You're purpose is exactly what Simon and Wilder before you was. To protect Chris Cammeron's ass at all cost. And just like Simon and Wilder, you will outlive your usefulness, and suffer a similar fate to your predesessor."

**He stands up and holds up his hand to the camera. Although his face is covered from sight, the lines through the mask show his intensity quite clearly. His breathing escalates rapidly, as we can clearly see his chest expanding and contracting with each breath**

"My advice to you, Blazer and Black Phantom, stay out of my way. Do not try to interfere, do not try to protect Cammeron from me. Stopping me will serve no purpose other than to rid Cammeron of yet another threat to his almighty throne. But if you do stop me, then I hope you are prepared to be eliminated yourselves. Chris Cammeron's past history speaks volumes, but are you willing to listen?"

**He pauses, then sits back into his chair. His demeanor returns to his usual calm and quiet self, his breathing more relaxed. Again he places his elbow on the arm of the chair, resting his chin in his palm once more**

****Scene ends****