"Riddler Me This, Riddle Me That"

**The scene begins in a helicopter, somewhere over the pacific ocean. It is a bright and sunny day, as the ocean looks almost tranquil, with seemingly nothing disturbing its peaceful water. Upon closer inspection however, in the water, there are clearly visible fins darting every which way. We are, in fact, over shark infested waters**

**Inside the cabin of the helicopter, the Enigma sits quietly, staring out the window at the happenings below. Tommy Townsend is also seen, his head moving back and forth, almost in awe of the creatures inhabiting the blue ocean below. The camera catches a rear view of the pilot, only the back of his head, and right shoulder are visible, but it is obvious that he is the mystery man that has been at the Enigma's side in all his other interviews**

"Magnificent creatures aren't they. The shark, the ultimate killing machine. It's almost as if they were put on this earth as just that, the master of the oceans. Let's take a closer look shall we."

"Is that really necesary? I mean, we can see them just fine at a safe distance."

"Come now, you'll learn alot more about their behaviour if you get up close and personal with them."

**He leans forward, and rests his hand on the pilot's shoulder, telling him to bring the helicopter within a few feet of the ocean surface. Townsend's eyes grow wide, and he holds onto his seat, as the helicopter makes its descent. Once at rest, hovering a couple of feet above the ocean, the Enigma swings open the side door, and motions for Townsend to watch what he's going to do**

"Don't be frightened. We're just going to feed our friends from the ocean kingdom. Just don't make a false step, it'll be too difficult to retrieve you from the water."

**He laughs, as Townsend takes a big gulp, then makes his way over to the Enigma's side of the helicopter. The Enigma is now turned sideways, with his legs outside the cabin of the helicopter, resting on the landing rudders. Reaching for a large pale that is sitting on the floor, he places the pale on his lap, and reaches inside, pulling out a chunk of raw meat. As he begins to saturate the ocean with the raw meat, we see hordes of sharks converging around the helicopter. In the water below, its a mad feeding frenzy, as the water is a chaotic mess of thrashing fins and teeth**

"In many ways, the ocean is like the ESW. Different predators, all seeking food, all seeking to be the ruler of their territory. Food, or in the case of the ESW, championship gold, is what everyone wants. And just like the ocean, the ESW is survival of the fittest."

**He points towards one of the smaller sharks, which is just circling the perimeter of the feeding circle**

"Take that shark for instance. It isn't strong enough to compete with the other larger sharks, and because of it, isn't getting it's share of food. It's the same case with many wrestlers in the ESW. Every single wrestler who signs an ESW contract does so in hopes of one day wearing the world championship belt. Unfortunately, the majority of the wrestlers just don't have the ability to do so. So they end up just like that small shark, on the outside looking in."

"My opponent this week on Meltdown is a prime example of this. CJ Clemons, the man who dubs himself "Can't Miss", is one of the individuals I am speaking of. While there is no disputing that he has some ability, the amount of ability he possesses will only take him so far. I watched his performance in his match with Kill Boy Roy at the Pay Per View, and I'll be the first one to tell you he has some skills. But the key issue is he lost to a man who will always be a midcarder, Kill Boy Roy. To be a truly great competitor, you can't afford to lose to individuals who should be no trouble at all. If Clemons has that much trouble with someone like KBR, then this Sunday's Meltdown is going to be a hellacious evening."

**As the pale of bait becomes empty, the Enigma looks over at Tommy Townsend. Townsend backs away slightly, wondering what exactly the Enigma is thinking of doing. He laughs and closes his door, as Townsend leans back in his seat and lets out a sigh of relief**

"Relax Mr. Townsend, these sharks only feast on beef, not chicken."

**The pilot can be heard laughing, as the Enigma continues to chuckle at Townsend's expense. The scene shifts to the outside of the helicopter as it is seen flying off into the sunset**

****Scene ends****