"Riddler Me This, Riddle Me That"

**Scene begins in what appears to be the basement of the castle. We move along the winding hallway, with only wall mounted torches lighting the way. The stone walls appear old and worn out, telling the tale of a very old castle. The camera comes upon a door at the end of the hallway. Slowly, the door opens, and the camera peers inside, catching a glimpse of the Enigma. He appears to be in the process of putting on his mask. Unfortunately, the camera was only able to catch a glance of him from the rear, and all we could see was his short brown hair. All of a sudden, a hand clamps down on the cameraman's shoulder, and with a startle, he lets out a loud scream. Quickly turning around, we see the Enigma's mystery man standing there, his small eyes glaring menacingly at the cameraman**

"It's ok, let him go."

**The camera man turns around to see the Enigma standing behind him, at the entrance to the room. He motions for the cameraman to follow him inside. The cameraman follows, glancing back over his shoulder to where the mystery man should be, but it seems as if he just disappeared**

**Walking inside the room, at first glance it appears to be some underground laboratory. Along the walls are rows of shelves, with many strange looking items inside glass bottles. In the center of the room, we see a large table, almost like an oversized operating table. The cameraman shudders to think what exactly it is used for. Enigma is standing before a large glass window, which has a door beside it. Apparently, it's some kind of observation type room inside the door. The cameraman walks over to the window, as we see Enigma staring inside. The camera focusses on what is inside the observation room, and we see as a pit of cobras. Startled, the cameraman backs away from the window**

"Don't be frightened. They can't get out. Beautiful creatures aren't they? So majestic and graceful in the way they move about, yet at the same time, as deadly as anything on this earth. Do you see that large one in the corner? That's a king cobra, the largest species of cobra on the planet. The most feared too. Would you like to get a closer look at them, perhaps inside the snake pit?"

**Before the cameraman can answer, the Enigma shakes his head, and laughs**

"Relax, I was only joking. Let's go somewhere more...comfortable to conduct this interview. Unless of course, you want to watch the snakes' feeding time."

**As he says this, we see a bucket full of rats being dumped into the snake pit, through a sliding door high above the pit. The cameraman, anxious to get as far away from those reptiles as possible, follows the Enigma**

**The scene has now shifted to what appears to be the living area. It appears much more modern that the other parts of the castle that we have seen thus far. Inside we see the same sword and shield symbols on the walls, but the floor is covered by a giant rug, and there are two leather couches, one black, one red, situated adjacent to each other, both with sightlines towards a giant screen television. The two men make their way to the couch, and sit down**

"So Chris Cammeron was indeed able to defeat Fresh at the Pay Per View, and retain his title. Congratulations Cammeron, you've achieved the first step in proving your worth as a champion. However, one title defence does not a true champion make. You have a long ways to go before I will consider you a true world champion. One thing in particular concerns me about your ability to truly be considered the flagship of the ESW. It's this uncanny ability you seem to have of coming out on the wrong end of this little war you are engaged with against Mark Wilder. Time and time again, Wilder has you on your heels. You are always on the receiving end of the battle of wits with him. Aside from you disposing of Wilder from the airplane, in which you had help I may add, you've been the one that's been made the fool of. Perhaps I have too high of regard of what a world champion should be, but thus far, you've shown very little to make me believe that you are truly the greatest athlete in the ESW. Mark Wilder has proven that week in, week out."

"Perhaps if you spent more time focussed on being the world champion, and less time focussed on your new federation, then you wouldn't be made out to be Wilder's play thing. This new federation, this Colossal Wrestling Foundation, seems to be your single purpose, your single goal. And if that continues, then your days as ESW World Champion are indeed numbered."

**He shakes his head in disgust**

"On to more immediate matters. I couldn't help but notice I've been signed to a match against another newcomer, C.J. Clemons. Apparently the braintrusts of the ESW have chosen to ignore my statement that I am here for one person, and one person only. I have no use for this match, nor do I care whether I win or lose. In the grand scheme of things, Clemons means very little to me. That's not a knock on his ability, it's just a simple fact that he doesn't have the world title around his waist. I'm quite certain he'll say the same thing about me. He probably doesn't think much of me either, because in all honesty, what would he achieve by defeating me? Absolutely nothing."

**Enigma nods, as if he understands why the ESW has signed him in a meaningless match**

"But if the ESW wants me to make my debut in this match, then so I shall. I don't know too much about my opponent, but I'm quite certain over the next week he'll have more to say, and once he does, I'll be able to analyze his words, his expressions, his emotions, and I'll be able to formulate a game plan to deal with this roadblock. Until such time, I'll do what I do best. Train, and plot strategy. I guess this is ESW's way of turning my own words against me. I've been preaching all along that Cammeron needs to prove himself as a champion, so now the ESW sees fit to make me do the same. So you want me to prove myself as a wrestler? That's perfectly fine with me. But unfortunately for C.J. Clemons, he's been made my proving ground."

**Enigma starts to laugh uncontrollably. As he regains his composure, he shakes his head at how the ESW was bright enough to use his words against him**

"Pretty intelligent Rick, pretty intelligent. If Cammeron is anywhere near as intelligent as that, then perhaps I'll have to break a sweat when I take that world title from him. But judging from how Mark Wilder's having a field day with him in the psychological warfare department, I highly doubt it."

**Enigma turns away from the camera, and focusses on the television set. He grabs the remote and switches it on**

****Scene ends****