"Riddler Me This, Riddle Me That"

**Scene begins at the same hill top castle as before. We see the ocean in the background, as the waves crash against the shores. The cold, night air combined with the absense of civilization for miles contribute to the haunting appearance of the castle. To add to the effect, we hear thunder in the near distance, as well as the odd flash of lightning, as the scene shifts to the inside**

**We are again inside the library, deep inside the heart of the castle. Once again we see a singular figure sitting in his chair in the center of the room. With only the small glimmer of light provided by a row of wall mounted candles, it adds to the already spoken demeanor of the scenary. The camera moves in closer to the shadowy figure, as he raises his head, with only his piercing green eyes visible from beneath his mask. His voice still unrecognizeable through the muffling effect of his mask, he speaks**

"It appears as though my words have elluded our so-called fearless champion. Mr. Cammeron is too preoccupied with his bloodlust for Mark Wilder, that he does not realize what is approaching. In each of our lives, we ask millions of questions, many of which beg for an answer, but alas, none are ever found. But Cammeron's question, about his self-worth, and whether or not he's deserving to be champion can be answered by yours truly."

"Alas, it appears Cammeron has chosen to ignore the inevitable answer, rather than face it head on like a true man. His cockiness in his own ability will, unfortunately, be his undoing."

**A loud squeal is heard, as the camera turns around to see what made the noise. Standing at the doorway is an imposing figure. His face hidden by the shadows, but his battle scar covered body is unmistakeable. The camera follows him, as he walks over to the Enigma, and leans over to whisper something into his ear. His face never being fully recognizeable because of the shadow, and camera angle. As he whispers to what we may presume to be his boss, it appears as though a smile has crept across the Enigma's face, as we see a crease in his mask, in the shape of a grin. He nods to the large man, then turns to him and whispers something in return. After he finishes speaking, the man walks to the doorway, and exits the scene**

"Where was I? Ah, yes, Cammeron's failure to acknowledge my presense. I expected nothing less. Afterall, I am just a newcomer to the ESW. How often do we see a newcomer join, and immediately target the World Champion for instant notoriety. It's happened in every federation I've been in, it's happened to me myself when I was champion. And more than likely, it'll happen again, whether Chris Cammeron is the champion, or whether the title rests with someone else."

"But my concern is not of being known. Notoriety is not something I yearn for. My concern is whether or not Chris Cammeron is a worthy champion. His match this Sunday against Fresh could go a long ways towards proving he is deserving. But until that time, Chris Cammeron is nothing more than a paper champion living on borrowed time. He's living on my time!"

**He rises from his chair, and with his hands, pulls the camera in close to his mask-covered face**

"I'm not here to climb the ladder of success, rung by rung. I'm not here to contend for each belt, one at a time. I'm here for one purpose, and one purpose only. To right a wrong, plain and simple. That wrong was perpetrated on Meltdown when Mark Wilder layed down for Cammeron, and thus crowning Chris Cammeron as the flagship of the ESW."

"That right will be wronged, whether it be by Fresh, Snake Eyes, or even the man himself, Snake Eyes. But mark my words, before my days are through in the ESW, the World Title will be around the waist of a deserving champion. Cammeron, if you want that to be you, then prove that you deserve it. Prove it to me, or hand it over to someone that will."

**He backs away from the camera, and takes a seat in his chair once more. Reaching over onto his table, he grabs a book, and opens it to a bookmarked page. After reading its contents, he closes the book, then stares into the camera**

"If you or anyone for that matter can solve my riddles, then you'll have fair warning for that which is about to occur. If not, then you'll never be prepared for what I have in store for you."

"I am a word when brought together, I make plenty of sense. But as two separate entities, I contradict myself."

"Remember your answer, because your preparedness for my wrath depends upon it."

**The Enigma leans back into his chair, and lifts his head back, as he lets out a sinister laugh. The camera moves away from him slowly, as his figure becomes smaller and smaller**

****Scene ends****