"Riddler Me This, Riddle Me That"

**Scene opens at what appears to be some kind of old style, English castle. Standing all alone on top of a hill, with only a winding road leading to it, the castle gives off the instinct impression that it is uninhabited. We follow the camera up the pathway, and to the two large wooden doors which separate the inside dwellings of the castle, with that of the outside world**

**The doors slowly open, as the camera is lead into the grand hallway. A distinct sound of laughter can be heard in the distance. The walls are adorned with old paintings, and old antique swords and shields, probably owned by the long line of people who have inherited the castle over the years. The camera zooms in closer to each sword and shield, and we see that it is like a family tree, begining with the very first in the family line, leading chronologically along the hallway to each subsequent heir. As we get to the end of the hallway, just a few feet before a doorway, we see the family tree ends. But instead of a sword and shield, the final symbol on the wall is that of a riddle. It reads**

When posed with a sentence,
Near the end I must be,
I'm neither a full stop, or an excitement,
What am I?

**The camera then makes its way through the small doorway, and inside we see a dark chamber, which at closer inspection looks like a library. Thousands upon thousands of books litter the walls, upon old wooden shelvings. In the center of the room, is a singular black chair, with its back facing the doorway. From behind the chair, we hear those same strange cackles, and as the camera approaches closer, the figure turns his chair around, and we see him for the first time**

Enigma: "Come in, I've been waiting for you."

**The figure sitting in the chair is dressed in a full length body suit, half black, half red, with a question mark on his chest and abdomen. His appearance is disguised by the mask he wears, his voice altered as well by the muffling effect of his mask. The camera moves in closer, and we see him holding in his lap, a book of riddles. He closes the book, and places it on the table beside his chair**

Enigma: "As I scan over the entire ESW roster, I see some familiar faces, and some not so familiar faces. I see individuals with loads of potential, but I also see individuals who are going nowhere. One such individual is none other than ESW World champion Chris Cammeron."

"Cammeron, I am fully aware of how you came into possession of that title that you hold so dear. I know how you did not in fact earn the title, but rather, it was given to you as a gift, an inheritance from someone who felt held down by wearing it. You see, I may be new to the ESW, but the ESW is not new to me. I've followed the progress of this federation since its inception, and I've watched many a great athlete compete in its weekly card."

"But the one thing that is beyond me, is how Chris Cammeron can hold a title that should, in all intents and purposes, be the epitome of what the ESW is all about."

**The man stands up, and walks over to one of the bookshelves. He reaches for a book, and pulls it from its place on the shelf, dusting it off, before returning to his chair. As he sits down, he opens the book, and reads from it**

Enigma: "An army is only as strong as its leader. As goes the leader's reputation, so too does that of the entire army under his charge."

"Do you understand the significance of that, Cammeron? With you being the ESW World Champion, you are, in essense, the leader of the ESW. When it comes to the reputation of the ESW, your credentials, above all others, will be the one by which the entire federation is judged."

"When outsiders take a look at the ESW, their first questions will concern the World Title. They will wonder who lays claim to the coveted title. Who is the man deemed the number one wrestler in the ESW. And because of that, you carry the burden of the entire roster for proving to the entire world how great the ESW is. For you see, as World Champion Chris Cammeron goes, so too does the ESW."

"Perhaps it is this misconception, this presumption that the World Champion is directly in correlation with the prestige and honor of the entire federation. Perhaps this is why Shawn Dynasty's comments, although completely uneducated, about the ESW being a 'minor league federation' hold some merit. I didn't have the pleasure of facing Shawn Dynasty, as his departure was obviously well before my time. But as I stated already, I've been keeping an eye on the ESW, and perhaps Dynasty's parting remarks aren't as outlandish as first thought. Afterall, with Chris Cammeron as the World Champion, can the ESW truly be considered anything more than 'minor league'?"

**The man thumbs through the book resting upon his lap. He appears to be searching for a specific reference, something that he has prepared for the arrival of the ESW camera crew. Finally finding the page, he traces along the center of the book with his index finger to flatten out the page**

Enigma: "You may be wondering who exactly am I. Who is this individual who has the nerve to desecrate the name of Chris Cammeron."

"I am, quite simply, everything, and nothing all at once. I am the beginning, and I am the end. I am filled with answers, but at the same time overloaded with confusion. I am unlike most of you, yet similar to each one of you in many ways."

"I am....ENIGMA."

**The Enigma closes the book, and places it on the table beside him, on top of the other book he had been reading. He then leans forward, resting his elbows on his knees, and resting his chin on his thumbs, his index fingers pointing upwards in his intertwined fingers**

****Scene ends****