History of the Lincoln Park Mafia:

Sebastian Black grew up in the poor parts of Detroit. His one mission in life was to become good at something that would help him get out of the hellhole, and on to bigger and better things. One day, he happened upon a wrestling school run by a local Indy legend, David "Hellraiser" Anderson. Since Sebastian had the size and toughness to be a professional wrestler, he, along with his high school friends Josh Styles, Tommy Gunn, and Eric Hammonds, decided to sign up. Fast forward three years, and Black had quickly become one of the top students. He graduated from Anderson's Wrestling Academy in the fall of 2001, along with friends Styles and Gunn. Hammonds had dropped out the year previous.

Upon graduation, Black separated from his two friends, and branched out on his own to the NWL. He quickly established himself as the number one contender to the world title within three weeks of joining the federation. It all culminated at the NWL Pay Per View, where Sebastian Black won his first singles title, and became NWL World Champion. But his desire to be in a competitive federation got the best of him. Immediately after defeating John Simmer for the NWL Title, he received a call from Styles and Gunn about joining them in the EWF.

Black jumped ship, and together with his partner Tommy Gunn, formed the Lincoln Park Mafia. They made an immediate impression on the federation with a vicious and calculated attack on the New Breed, formerly the Wolfgang. During their EWF tenure, the LPM engaged in a month long feud with EWF Tag Team Champions, The Whirlybirdz. They lost a closely contested match against the Whirlyz at the Pay Per View, and shortly after, the EWF went on hiatus, leaving the LPM with an uncertain future.

Black wrestled for various independent federations, until settling on the IWF. President Johnny Hawke's reputation had made its way to Black due to both their ties with the EWF, so Black now enters the "Franchise's" IWF, with hopes of becoming the franchise of the IWF. Gunn and Styles followed shortly thereafter, and once again they made an immediate impact, with another brutal assault, now known as the "Lincoln Park Drive-by", on then Tag Team champions, the Joker and Kakuma, as well as Prime. This prompted a title match between the Joker and Kakuma, and the Lincoln Park Mafia, as well as the Heavenly Bodies. The LPM won the match, and became the IWF World Tag Team champions, a title they held until the closure of the IWF.

Upon closure of the IWF, Tommy Gunn and Josh Styles decided to sign with a promotion in Japan to further their all-round knowledge of the sport. Sebastian Black moved on to the UWA, and promptly formed an alliance with Steve Somers. The two wreeked havoc on the roster, and it all culminated at 'Black Dawn', when Steve Somers captured the UWA World Heavyweight title, and Sebastian Black won the UWA International Action title. Black and Somers dominated the UWA scene for a couple of months until UWA closed down.

Each went their separate ways, as Black tried his trade in his first 'hardcore' federation, the XWA. He quickly made a name for himself, first brutalizing Tom Cat (Todd Clayborne's brother) in a tazer match, then capturing the XWA United States championship in a four way match. Black held on to the US title for three weeks before finally dropping it to Lucifer Hawks and departing from the company. Meanwhile, Tommy Gunn and Josh Styles returned from Japan and competed in ReWF, coming within a pinfall victory of capturing the ReWF Tag Team titles. Their stay was shortlived, as the federation became embroiled in financial difficulty, with many of its top stars choosing to leave.

Not much was heard from any of them for about a five month period until they reappeared as a cohesive unit in OW (later renamed OCW). Black set his sights on the OW World title, while Styles and Gunn concentrated on the tag team ranks. In the span of three weeks, Black made his way through a tournament and beat Johnny Critical in the final to become the first ever OW World champion. Black pulled double duty, as he agreed to join his former associate Steve Somers, along with Maxx Devlin, to form Malicious Intent in the reopened TWF. Black captured the unified Generation/Television title by defeating Havoc. He then successfully defended the Generation title until the closure of the TWF, defeating long time rival Todd Clayborne at the final TWF Pay Per View. In OW, Gunn and Black became tired of what they perceived as Styles 'dropping the ball' and promptly booted him from the Lincoln Park Mafia. As a measure of revenge, Styles got himself added to Black's World title defense against Logan Treasure, making it a three way match. At the climax of the match, Styles hit a 5 star frogsplash on Black, but instead of pinning him, chose to exit the ring and allowe Treasure to gain the victory and the title. Soon afterwards, all three men left OW.

After a two month absense, Black and Gunn reappeared into national prominence in the UWF. During a match pitting the Untouchables (Jared Blazer/Steve Somers/Johnny Hawke) against the Syndicate, the LPM rushed the ring and helped out their former friends, in what was later known was a premeditated measure on Blazer's behalf, paying the LPM for their 'protection' services. The LPM then set their sights on the UWF World Tag Team titles, first defeating the Def BI Posse to become the number one contenders, then defeating Ultimate Khaos to claim the titles. Currently, they have a rematch with Ultimate Khaos and the team of Lurrr and Dean for those titles. Meanwhile, Josh Styles reappeared in the newly renamed OCW (formerly OW) as the manager of Jared Blazer's younger brother, Ryan Blasier. He has also signed to wrestle in England for the EWC.

Title History:

1- NWL World Champion (Sebastian Black)
2- IWF World Tag Team Champions (Black & Gunn)
3- UWA International Action Champion (Sebastian Black)
4- XWA United States Champion (Sebastian Black)
5- OW World Champion (Sebastian Black)
6- TWF Generation Champion (Sebastian Black)
7- UWF World Tag Team Champions (Black & Gunn)

Lincoln Park Drive-by Victims:

1- The New Breed (Hunter, Gyon & Todd Clayborne)
2- The WhirlyBirdz (Twister & Wendy Briese)
3- Prime
4- The Joker & Kakuma