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The Perfect Dark Elite Roster

Info on each league member, including their Perfect Dark time page.

Alias Name PD Times Contact
Alpha007 Romain Moinier (times) ???
Bio-Technicien ??? (times) ???
Blazebebe Francois Remy (times) E-mail
Boris Cédric Tanguy (times) E-mail
Brendan Jonathan Machado (times) ???
Cibert-Dark Anthony Montes (times) E-mail
DarkCesium Guillaume Carré (times) E-mail
Darkeyes Thomas Grizelain (times) E-mail
Darkfan Vincent Sauvan (times) E-mail
Darkill ??? (times) ???
Darkiller ??? Le Hyaric (times) E-mail
DarkMaster Anael Raffin (times) E-mail
Darkmim ??? ??? (times) E-mail
dino Ludovic Gourichon (times) E-mail
dorf ??? ??? (times) ???
Dosto Alexis Jalabert (times) E-mail
FC Touf-Touf Pierre Labarbe (times) E-mail
FCBales Julien Demierre (times) E-mail
FFman Brice Nicoleau (times) E-mail
FMC Frédéric Massart (times) E-mail
Fox2001 Jonathan Crevel (times) E-mail
Gatiaz Gaetan Morelle (times) E-mail
Gazeux_Snake Sébastien Landré (times) E-mail
Giggs Guillaume Smans (times) E-mail
GoldenFalcon Anthony Acosta (times) E-mail
goldento1 Thomas Bazin (times) E-mail
Goldenvinze Rolin Vincent (times) E-mail
ICS Joris Murray (times) E-mail
Ikelepte69 Emil Obom (times) E-mail
Koulakabaya Bob Strawskywich (times) E-mail
Mr Dark Corentin Freliez (times) E-mail
Mukade Alexandre Billon (times) E-mail
Nabooru Aude ??? (times) E-mail
Nodjo Alexandre Gimenez (times) E-mail
Perfect Olivier Duquesne (times) E-mail
PerfectDam Damien ??? (times) ???
Perfectjoe Geoffrey Mercier (times) E-mail
PerfectLau Schramm Laurent (times) E-mail
Perfectnéo Charley Muller (times) E-mail
PerfectTorres Julien Martin (times) E-mail
Pestemojo Olivier Oost (times) E-mail
pierrethekiller Pierre Barthod (times) E-mail
Psycho_Mantis Pierre Tamsier (times) E-mail
RAR Romain ??? (times) E-mail
Rasta22 Verguet Mathias (times) E-mail
Reboot85 Stéphane Martin-Dupont (times) E-mail
sangoku37 Sébastien Dumergue (times) ???
silver angel ??? (times) E-mail
Sims Killer Kevin Acosta (times) ???
Skull-Kid Thibault Santelli (times) E-mail
Speed-sim Gerard Truant (times) E-mail
Stydreck Amaury Domingos (times) E-mail
Superbarquette Ronan Le Brun (times) E-mail
Superdams Damien Soutif (times) E-mail
The Daft Fred (times) E-mail
TheGodZilla2 Stéphane Samiers (times) E-mail
Thibane Thibault Duchateau (times) E-mail
Velvect Rambert Steinmesse (times) E-mail
Verdeloos Louis Nebout (times) E-mail
W a b s Fabien Malaval (times) E-mail
X-Control Romain Smadja (times) E-mail
xav217 Xavier Arcourt (times) E-mail
Xtreme G Gabriel Colbeau (times) E-mail
YamDark Yanis Magnin (times) E-mail
YannSkedar Yann Gordon (times) E-mail
Zzzeeerrr Laurent Favreau (times) E-mail


The Perfect Dark Elite Theatre
BlueDogGreen has kindly hosted and organized all of the
amazing Elite movies for us on this valuable website.


ParagonX9's Speed Walkthroughs
If you want to strive for World Records, check out these excellent walkthroughs.
Written by one of our best players!

Lanky and Fro's Perfect Dark Strats
This page contains a number of strats that are helpful to those starting out.

Perfect Dark FAQs
If you have a question about Perfect Dark, these FAQs will probably have the answer!
I really must recommend those by marshmallow, one of our top players.

KillMaster's Cheat Walkthroughs
Full walkthroughs for every cheat in the game.
Written by KillMaster, one of our members.

SamSim's Defection for Dummies (6 second) Walkthrough
Comprehensive walkthrough for obtaining that golden 6 second time.

Subsidiaries of the PD Elite

The PD Elite Firing Range Division
The Eliters compete for best times in the Firing Range. Good luck.
Run by PerfectDarklich.

The PD Elite Gadget Training Division
Another training room that Eliters can go for times in.
Run by captZEEbo.

The PD Elite Holo Training Room Division
The Elite never quits going for times, do they?
Run by captZEEbo.

The PD Challenge Elite Division
Go for fast times in those 30 crazy challenges.
Run by a few Elite members.

The PD Elite Team Division
An interesting subsidiary of the Elite; teams of 2 compete for the best
averaged times on every level. Worth a look.

The PD Elite LTK Division
Here people compete for times in a nasty variation of PD: Liscened To Kill mode!
Run by several Elite members.

The PD Elite Enemy Rockets Division
An even nastier variation than LTK mode.
These people just won't quit! :)

Ranking Sites

The PD Elite Awards
Will you be the next Elite Player of the Month?
Another subsidiary of the PD Elite, run by Ngamer64.

Rare FPS World Rankings - GE & PD
Ranking page that includes the combined rankings for GE & PD.
Another Ngamer64 Supersite.

007 - The World Is Not Enough Records
The official records page for TWINE!
Run by captZEEbo!

REX's Nintendo High Scores
THE comprehensive listing of Nintendo high score pages on the Net.
Check out REX's Goldeneye site, too (on which this site is based!)

Goldeneye Extreme
Wes McKinney's fantastic Goldeneye site.
Includes the official Goldeneye rankings!

Links to the Perfect Dark Elite

The Perfect Dark World Rankings
The official ranking page of the Elite.

The Perfect Dark Elite Bulletin Board
The official forum for the Elite. A great place to find speed strategies!

The Perfect Dark Elite Roster
The index of web pages for everyone in the Elite.
Also includes various links related to PD or the Elite.

The Perfect Dark Elite FAQ
If you have ANY questions about the Elite, please read the comprehensive guide.
Written by SamSim.

How To Join
Interested in joining us? Here are step by step directions!

Proof Requirements
If you've been asked to provide proof, here are directions.

The History of the Perfect Dark Elite
Watch as the Elite is born. Then see it take over the world.

Copyright (c) 2000 by Derek Kisman