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FEBUARY 18,2001 We lost an icon for the sports world to a horrible crash onthe last lap of the Daytona 500.He was protecting Dale Jr and Michieal Waltrip.He slamed into the wall in turn 4 .Hours later the president of Nascar made the announcement that we lost the legend behind the number 3 Dale Earnhardt.Now almost a year later they will return to Daytona facing the memory of that fatial day in Febuary of 01.Hopes set high for Micheal that he'll be able to win yet another Daytona 500.Little E.also had hopes to win the great american race.He's already won at the track on July 7,2001 inthe Pepsi 400 And in at the first BGN race Micheal finished second just like in July of 01 Little E was drivin the number 3 in this years BGN race GO LITTLE E.GOD BLESS THE NUMBER 3.GOD BLESS KEVIN HARVICK FOR TAKIN OVER THE GM GOODWRENCH CAR and keeping the memory alive.CONGRADUALATIONS TO MICHEAL WALTRIP FOR WINNING THE PEPSI 400 '02 WE KNEW YOU COULD DO IT AGAIN.CONGRADUALATIONS TO KEVIN HARVICK FOR WINNIN THE TROPICANNA 400 LAST WEEKEND. FEB 18 '03 THIS IS YEAR NASCAR'S GREAT AMERICAN RACE WILL BE ON THE EXACT DATE THAT THE WORLD LOST DALE EARNHARDT TWO YEARS AGO.I WILL BE VERY SAD ON THIS DAY AND VERY HOPEFULLY THAT NOBODY WILL GET HURT AND THAT DALE JR OR ANYBODY AT DEI OR RCR WILL WIN THE GREAT AMERICAN RACE THAT WOULD BE THE GREATEST THING FOR THE NASCAR WORLD GOD BLESS THE NUMBER 3,29,8,15, AND 1 MAY ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE IN '03 WAY TO GO MICHEAL YOU WON THE 500 AGAIN AND THE PEPSI 400.CONGRADS TO JR AND KEVIN FOR 3 AND 5 PLACE INTHE POINTS STANDINGS 03 CONGRADS TO MATT FOR WINNING THE CHAMPIONSHIP WINSTON CUP CHAMPIONISHIP FOR 03 04 DALE JR WINS THE DAYTONNA 500 WOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO DALE JR WINS THE HERSHEY KISS 300{BUSH RACE FOR THE THIRD TIME IN A ROW WOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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