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Mt. Tom Reservation

Eyre House at the top

It's a brisk half-hour walk heading north from the visitor post on the Mt.Tom DCR. Entering from route 5 in Holyoke Massachusetts there are several trails leading to different position on the mountain where a visitor can get a view of the valley bellow. I can't say I've walked any of the trails before, but by the urging of my girls friend who by the way writes checks her body can't really pay for we started up the trail. The trail is relatively easy and unless you have a major heart condition can be traversed without difficulty. Most of the time during the summer one can drive to the look out tower at the top and get a eyeful of Easthampton and Westfield gazing in a westerly direction. The trail is actually an old unused paved road, which has been closed to auto use, and offers fairly good footing. There isn't much to see along the way but true reward is the view and a visit to the remains of the old Erye House, which is at the complete top of the mountain. There is one other mountain feature along the way but requires taking a side trip to a lookout point called Goat Peak, which offers a southeast view of the Connecticut valley.

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