George's Skating Page

Hey what's up I'm George (kind of a stupid name huh?) anyways I'm not a woodpusher.I don't really have anything against them unless they have a problem with me first.This is my page and it has a lot of tight stuff on it.It has a tricks list,my skates,tricks that my friends and i can do,links to places to get your skates really cheap,and other cool things of that sort.Remember to always go to the new links (they get me discounts at stores haha)

About Me

I am 15 and am a sophmore at Rossview High.I am a beggining skater and am only adequate.My best friend is Kristian who is also a begginer skater.I am really smart which surprises most people and I love sports like cross country and wrestling.Oh well you'll learn more about me on the profile page.....cya Profiles Trixionary Pro Pics Our Pics Games