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Three Dragons

Credit to Naru for creating the '3 Dragons' front page picture

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3 Dragons
Since Monday,
February 11, 02

Three Dragons is a collection of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and Jet Li pictures. I've taken pictures from other websites and put them all together here for you to see. You will see no biography, links, sounds, or anything else here other than pictures. I also have video clips, animations, and trailers. If you want me to add a picture to 3 Dragons or you have a related website for me to visit, just E-Mail me. Enjoy your stay!

3 Dragons is best viewed through any version on Internet Explorer. You probably won't like it on Netscape. Don't ask. See for yourself.

Picture of the Moment

The Yellow Track Suit

A comparison between Bruce Lee and Uma Thurman(Kill Bill) with the ever-so popular look of the yellow track suit.

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Film Information


  • Labor Day - Jet has signed with Disney Pictures on the previously reported movie 'Labor Day'. Robert Schwentke(Tattoo) will be directing the movie, which will begin shooting later this year. Go to JL2H for the story. Scroll down the middle of his update section until you find it.
  • Danny The Dog - Jet Li's recent Hollywood project. Click on the link to find out more info. Jet has revealed that 'Danny The Dog' is already finished filming and that it is on post production. Theater release date is March or April 2004.
  • Hero - Jet Li's recent Hong Kong film. The HK 2-Disc DVD Set is available for pre-order. There are different DVD versions for Hero. Check out other versions in JL2H.
  • Cradle 2 The Grave - Jet Li's recent Hollywood film. Theater release was February 28th. The DVD has been released on August 12th. You can order a copy at


  • The Medallion - Jackie Chan's recent HK film. Theater release date is August 22nd.
  • Shanghai Knights - Jackie Chan's latest Hollywood film. Out now on DVD and VHS.


The Bruce Lee Master Collection Set:

  • Fists Of Fury
  • The Chinese Connection
  • Return Of The Dragon
  • Game Of Death
  • Bruce Lee The Legend
Don't forget these other titles:

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(Saturday, October. 18, 03) - Bruce Lee video clips added in Bruce Lee Page 3 and new Picture of the Moment. The video clips are links and that's why making the 4th page wasn't necessary. It will be up when I update with new Bruce Lee pictures.

(Saturday, October. 11, 03) - Bruce Lee pics updated in Bruce Lee Page 3. I'll be making a 4th page for my next Bruce Lee update. Along with that, I will also move the 'Game Of Death' and 'Way Of The Dragon' pictures from Bruce Lee Page 3 to Bruce Lee Page 4(not yet made).

(Wednesday, October. 8, 03) - More Bruce Lee pics in Bruce Lee Page 3 and new Picture of the Moment.

(Tuesday, October. 7, 03) - New 'Danny The Dog' picture in Only Jet Page 2 and new Bruce Lee pics in Bruce Lee Page 3.

(Monday, October. 6, 03) - New Jet Li pics added in Only Jet Page 2. I also added a bigger version of this picture which is located in Jet Li Page 4 under Misc. The rest that are not clickable is their original size.

(Saturday, October. 4, 03) - Ok, I managed to make a second update for today. As I said, new Jet Li pictures at Only Jet Page 2.

(Saturday, October. 4, 03) - Lots of Bruce Lee pictures added in Bruce Lee Page 3 and new Picture of the Moment. I might have a second update for Jet Li pictures. If not today, then tomorrow.

(Sunday, September. 28, 03) - More new Jet pics updated in Only Jet Page 2 and new Picture of the Moment. I have now passed the 1000 mark for my Jet Li pictures!

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