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Personal Climbing Pages

Here are a few of the sites I have found on the internet related to climbing in Alberta. If you have a site that you'd like to see on my links page, send me an EMail. Surfs up.

  • Accidents in Canada's Mountains - Has hundreds of accidents that have been reported in Canada.
  • Rocky Mountain Books - Has a climbing forum and a searchable database of the Canadian Rockies
  • Alan Kanes site - Author of "Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies"
  • BOU AVENUE - Sonny Bou's Scrambling Page.
  • Dave Stephen's Site - Alpine, Ice, Scrambling, Ski Mountaineering, and Rock
  • Vern's Fresh O2 - Vern's trips take him scrambling, biking, fishing, and paddling to find some fresh air
  • Frank and Peter's Mountains - Two brothers from Calgary. Alpine, scrambling and biking.
  • Andrew Nugara's Site - Andrew has completed many scrambles
  • Top of the World - Bennett Wong's scrambles
  • Bob Spirko - Road Not Taken
  • Tim Helmer - Plenty of scrambles with a professional layout
  • Eric Magno's Site - Eric Magno's new Site
  • Geoff Lampard - Geoff's Home Page

    Gear Sites

  • Arc'teryx - Canadian designed and manufactered. Clothing, packs, and harnesses.
  • Mountain Hardwear - Pretty tents
  • MEC - Mountain Equipment Coop
  • Petzl - Climbing Gear. Recently merged with Charlet Moser.