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Alpine climbing is adventure at its peak. The Canadian Rockies has an elite group of 54 mountains that are higher than 11,000 feet. All 54 peaks have been climbed by only a small handful of people. Because of their elevation mostly all of them are technical ascents with glaciers, ice faces, and steep rocky faces. All of these mountains were first climbed in the early 1900's by the first guides and pioneers of the rockies. Now, routes that would have been nearly impossible back then have been created by some of the worlds best alpine climbers.

Climbing alpine style is committing, but gives a really high feeling of accomplishment and euphoria. I havn't done alot of alpine climbing, but it is definetly the direction I want to go. I grouped each mountain that I have climbed its National/Provincial Park.

Alpine Climbs

Kananaskis Provincial Park
DateMountainRouteAlpine GradeElevation
June 16, 03Mt. JoffreNorth FaceIII3450m(11,319Ft.)

Banff National Park

DateMountain:RouteAlpine GradeElevation
August 21-26, 03The Wapta IcefieldN/AIN/A
May 29, 05Stanley PeakKahl RouteIII3155m