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The Hardflip

A hardflip is when your board rotates 180 degrees like a frontside pop shove-it, but flips like a kickflip. It might help to think of it as a frontside kickflip shove-it. 1. Compress for some pop and set u your feet like the picture. 2. It seems like it helps to keep your shoulders square with the board and ollie higher for this trick. 3. You pop the board a bit like a frontside pop shove-it, but flip it like a frontside kickflip. This is tricky, but keep trying. 4. Now you have to get your feet out of the way so the board will flip freely. 5. Put your feet in the catch position. See how the extra pop helps? 6. Flatten out and straighten the board, then extend your legs. 7. Center yourself. 8. Roll away.