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12/24: Hey its Devon, holla, merry Christmas or Chanukka or whatever you celebrate. We actually sat down and had someone update this thing so it looks all ghetto fab. The new layout was designed by Melissa (Wade's really hot cousin) check out her website here.

8/05 Hey just put in some new pics in the info place mabob, thinkin of putting in a bass section if you have suggestions e-mail me 7/16 I would like to wish a late happy birthday to s-boarding fan Jenni i turned 14 on the 16th, the lateness was because i was on vacation and have arrived back today, anways peace out ya all, skate on-

( first one to e-mail him saying he's a chicken shit wins the honor of calling Devon a chicken shit)

no idea what day it is but it school aint out yet so who cares-I have been informed that people come to this site, so i shall update, not now though cuz more important things are going on like, TV and shit. I talked to my friend and he's gonna do stuff to the site soon, he's all smart and stuff so expect major updates!

June 17(Happy Birthday Sheila Broflovski!)(Stan's mom from south park)-The chat room and message board are gay and stupid cuz they dont work i shall soon fix this

Hey stuff is happining in Skate boarding but I dont feel like typing it so whatever.

Hey what should the next poll be? answer me NOW no one ever talks to me so screw you, and i mean it all. I'm Just kidding i luv you all (girls that is) e-mail me if u have a idea( talk to me on AOL: HeadbangingLlama