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Hello- I would like to welcome you to the Nitro section of RC Hard-core Off Road Racing. My name is Kevin the Nitro Extremist. I am 23 and live in Cullman Alabama. I am not a pro but I work very hard just to get a few minutes at the RC track on the weekends. I am always trying to save money where I can but without sacrificing horse-power (cheap tips are great tips). I own an Associated RC10GT which I have Modified to peak it's Power band. I have attempted to give it twice as much bottom end as any other 1/10 scale Nitro truck (so far so good).

This is my first Nitro but I have been pitting for friend's for quiet some time. I have studied some of the best drivers and how they maintained their trucks. I have even learned a few racer's secrets that you will not be picking up at the local track. I will be revealing each of these at a later date.

We race almost every weekend weather depending. We have three local tracks to choose from and five others within a few hours drive. I will be posting some of these tracks and Reviews on them at a later date. I am not prejudice towards any name brand and we here at hard-core would love to hear tips and to get photos of your rides. Please feel free to contact us and ask questions or just to chat.

I hope you enjoy your visit with us and we hope you Check in often to get Updates and new tips.

Tips & Tricks Volume 1 - Review of Ofna Starter box, MIP light fly wheel, and MIP 4N1 clutch.