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Tin Toys - Pop pop boats - About Us
  Pop pop boats - About Us

We exist to re-create the magic of Tin Toys and make them available in the next millennium . We are working to keep alive the dying art of Tin Toys.

As the world's largest Tin Pop-Pop boat company , we bring to the world Tin Toys as they were in the early 1900's . We do this by developing superior Tin Toys , both lithographed and non-lithographed , and those that create value for our Company , our Dealers , our Customers , our Artisans and the Community in which we do business.

In creating value , we succeed or fail based on our ability to perform as worthy guardians of the dying art forms of the world .

  • Titanic : The world's biggest Pop Pop steam ship ever made .
  • Harbour Tug : World's most authentic tug boat design
  • Regular Pop-Pop boat : The world's largest lithographed collection . Over 15 designs to collect .
  • Kla-Kla (Pop-Pop) : A working replica of the world's first aerodynamic Ferry boat ever made.
  • Plain Pop-Pop boat : Reminds you of the toys as they were at the beginning of the century.

We welcome you join hands to preserve the dying art form of tin pop pop boat making and make it available to the next generation and generations to come .

We at Rattandeep Enterprise manufacture these tin toys collectible replicas by following the same production technology as existed at the beginning of century.

  • Electricity is not used as a principle in manufacturing of boats except for lighting and ventilation .
  • To give the product as close a look as possible all the work is done on manual hand presses exclusively .
  • The lithography is done on a single color tin-printing machine to give you the feel of prints when printing machines were simple.
  • Hence when you chose to collect a replica manufactured by Rattandeep Enterprise you feel the nostalgia of the long gone golden age era of toy making at the beginning of century.