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The Rage

This has been updated a bit. I deleted most of the content and erased my email from here so people will leave me alone.
Perhaps when Judas Priest decides to book a show or two in Missouri or the close neighboring states, I'll have a reason to pay attention to them and waste valuable time on a website that gets very little recognition.
Until then, Up the Irons!

Special thanks to Zack for one awesome banner!

Last updated Friday, 09 November, 2001

New links posted in the interview section!

New - Pics from the early years!

New screen captures from the Mtv 20th Birthday bash, Freewheel Burning and Don't Go!!!

Judas Priest Classic Concert
Which of these rarely performed JP songs would you want to see performed live?

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Band Member Pictures

Judas Priest Links

Judas Priest and Halford news
Pics from the June 15 London JP gig
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