Higer Advertising Instructions

1. EzBoard Rings
If you want your EzBoard added to our EzBoard Ring, post in Feedback or e-mail the administrator. Include the full address of your EzBoard, and the boards' web ID. In exchange, the IOWF Boards must be added to your EzBoard Ring. The address for the IOWF boards is http://pub79.ezboard.com/biowf43833 and their web ID is biowf43833

2. Links on Page
You may notice there are links at the bottom of the Spam It Up™ boards, which say "Your Link Here (For Free)". To apply to have your link in on of those places, e-mail the administrator or post in Feedback. In return, we expect the same link from your boards/website onto the IOWF hompage or the IOWF boards.

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