Shat's Take, 7/5

Hello, and welcome to the very first edition of Shat's Take!!!! Now let me make something clear, everything written here are MY opinions, and only MY opinions. The cotent is completely UNCENSORED and UNCUT, so if you are easily offended, or are a high priced, rastafarian attorney, please read no further.
YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Olympichero european champ??? Well is it just me, or does anyone else think that the bastard has gotten a few lucky breaks.Well first of all, A woman called jester, ran interference in a 3 way dance involving SWCS, OH, and VIIRUS, for the european gold, awarding SWCS and OH joint possesion of the gold. A few days later, SWCS suffers a shoulder injury, giving Olympic single possesion of the european strap. Well I'm beginning to think that Olympic's luck is running out, and it just MAY BE time for SHAT inc to bring some european gold back home!!!!!!!!

While on the subject of jester, I should say after a failed, and downright LAUGHABLE attempt of an "invasion" it seems that she has already departed ways with the IOWF. Well one things for sure, IT COULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED ANY SOONER!!!! And VIIRUS, just in case there is some slim chance you are reading this, since you call yourself a jester, you may call me "King Chris", and Shat inc is my castle. Guards get this clown out of my sight, and send in the royal hoochie!!!!!

Does the IOWF have the best women athletes in the world or what. Well let's see. Lalie a former IOWF worlds champion, and Hardygirl holding the women's strap for as long as anyone can remember, I see nothing but big things in both of their future. We haven't seen much from Julielove, but I also expect big things in this vixen's IOWF future. I could describe the women of the IOWF in a couple of words: Wrestling skill, and sex appeal, and I DEFINITELY want one of these divas in my corner.(currently accepting applications.)

If it has two g's and ends in an "a" it's OK. Hope that clears a few things up.

I have to give kudos to all the higher ups at the IOWF. After battling back from near bankruptcy, and fighting back to give the IOWF a better look, better talent, and the tickets selling. Amazing!!! Keep up the good work.

Though the IOWF did do a tremendous job in remaking the IOWF, I feel that the organization is seriously lacking good tag teams.

In honor of the first edition of "Shats Take" i have decided to evaluate a few of my IOWF peers. I shall start with.........................................

VIIRUS- Tremendous skill combined with disturbing promos. I'd say that VIIRUS may be lacking some mental stability, but I predict a worlds title reign verrrrrrrrry soon.

Olympic Hero- Relative newcomer to the IOWF. A very good European title victory, but obviously was NOT un-assisted. To hang on to the title, I would say OH needs to strengthen his wrestling ability.

Vader2K1- Uhhhhhhhh, Vader, we have had some good battles in the past. AND YOU BET YOUR A$$ I'M GUNNIN' FOR YA!!!!!

Smily- Now that's one mutha-fucka I DO NOT want pissed at me. Smily has the tremendous aerial attacks, like no IOWF competitor before. With his tremendous mic skills, no fear attitude, and with a bodyguard like Wen, I only see a bright future for the lil' SOB.

Well that's all for this week and until next time remember., If someone pi$$es you off, kick their a$$. If you are sad, drink lots of beer, but if your takin' a $hit, and there's no toilet paper, YOUR SCREWED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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