At long last, the IOWF roared back into the net on Thursday. The crowd waits with baited breath, before a single letter breaks the silence… "X" hits the lights dim, and the spotlight encircles the Chairman and commissioner of the IOWF, Blackman Rulz! "Are you ready to get HaRdcOrE?!?!?!?!" And the crowd returns, "HIT ME!" "Then lets go! Match one of the NEW IOWF is a Hardcore open invitational. I don’t care who you are, what you are and where your carers are. Just get your asses out here cos we wanna see some combat. Now, let me introduce your referee for the match, VADER 2.K.1! Vader takes the mic "Enough of this shit, this match is on!!, Blackman?" "Ok, then all that there is left to say is, BRING IT ON BITCHES!!!" Match 1: IOWF HARCORE TITLE OPEN INVITATIONAL: SWCS interrupts. "Hey, before we get this shit rollin, I wanna know, does VIIRUS get what he wants?" Vader pauses and replies, "Sounds Interesting, I like it, the match is on, now bash someone before I disqualify your ass!" ….."DEAD BODIES EVERYWHERE -- DEAD BODIES EVERYWHERE!!!" VIIRUS Sprints to the ring and launches straight for SWCS, VIIRUS has been tormenting him with the rumours of his relationship with X-Pac for too long and SWCS decides to bail out and wait for his Euro shot. VIIRUS is left standing in the ring, but wait… A masked figure appears from under the ring.. It's JESTER!!! VIIRUS stares down the WHF homeboy. "Hey its WHF's greatest rapper, I read about you and your little girlie in WHF. Say, you oughta change your name, Charlie.. Charlie Jester..The child molester, now gimme your soul you little shit!" VIIRUS blasts out of the blocks, but Jester ducks under the ropes leaving VIIRUS tangled in them, he then disappears through the crowd. The crowd is so psyched for the Euro Triple threat that pressure is applied to halt the match. Not wanting to displease the paying fans. Blackman Rulz enters and asks Vader to step aside, its time for the main event. Match 2: IOWF EUROPEAN TITLE TRIPLE THREAT MATCH: VIIRUS is already in the ring; next to enter is SWCS who takes VIIRUS by surprise with stinging right hands. VIIRUS tries the counter, but he mistimes and falls into a fast suplex, he's pulled up, thrown into the ropes. ..And is clotheslined by Olympic Hero? Where did he come from? It matters not because SWCS is suddenly reverse clotheslined by OH, as the Olympian acknowledges the crowd, SWCS locks VIIRUS into a Fuji Armbar.. will the Soul Reaver tap early? Then, with a Heroic display of power, OH prises SWCS off of VIIRUS and puts him on the top turnbuckle, ready for the superplex. VIIRUS springs from no-where to make it a double team, but he also took some of it. Somehow, SWCS reversed OH as well and begins to beat on VIIRUS. VIIRUS points to what SWCS thinks is X-Pac, he turns back round and is pushed into the air, spun through 90 degrees and planted into the mat..VIIRUS hits a huge spine-buster from nowhere. VIIRUS puts on a Boston crab? His brains are scrambled from the superplex when he landed on his head; he tries to apply a submission he knows little of while screaming manically at SWCS who gets to the ropes. The double team begins on VIIRUS culminating in SWCS bodyslamming OH onto VIIRUS' exposed spine. After taking both men out, SWCS catches his breath. WAIT! VIIRUS launches himself upright, his eyes totally bloodshot… Then a totally sick event, VIIRUS using the Lionel Tate attack on SWCS, without a safety rope! The modified jacknife spear, poleaxes SWCS, possibly breaking a rib! The COVER 1…2…. OH gets to VIIRUS and a full-scale brawl ensues! "Y>M>C>A!!" The music turns the crowd to cringes as Jester enters the ring? WITH A CHAIR!! He takes out two of the challengers leaving… VIIRUS? Who is DISQUALIFIED! The genius of it, the evil genius! Jester makes full use of the smoking gun theory, leaving VIIRUS with two guys, sparked out and a steel chair by his feet. IOWF SmashDown draws to a close as VIIRUS stares vacantly in the middle of the ring, the eyes start to go bloodshot… FADE TO BLACK Be here, This Tuesday evening for RAW is IOW!!!