The Rulz Report 7/30/2001

Hello and welcome to the very first "Rulz Report" of the new IOWF! We've got a lot to talk about today; new blood, new champions and the new hArDcORe style of IOWF.

We got a good turnout for the first Smashdown! of the new IOWF, and I am pleased with how that went. We now have co-European Champions and hopefully soon, the other belts will be filled too. However, Smashdown! was not the only event we have had so far; the other events (RAW is IOW and SuNDAY NiGHT BeATS) both got very poor turnouts. I think the reason for this is probably because of the unique style of the IOWF. Unlike most e-feds, the IOWF requires members to actually be present when the events happen, which can cause problems seeing as we only have about 10 members and they can only be on a certain times of the day. I encourage every member of the IOWF to go on a "recruiting frenzy" and plug the IOWF wherever, whenever and how often they can. Look for boards with forums specifically for spam, or other e-feds (tell them they can advertise themselves on our boards, if we can advertise on their boards etc.). The more members there are, the better the IOWF will work, and I know that the IOWF is a very enjoyable federation because it is pretty much the only online federation in which the participants take an active role to win the matches. Again, I ask you, please make people everywhere aware of the IOWF, and get them to join up, then we can really get the most exciting online federation in the world off the ground!

In IOWF events themselves, I have been in particular, very impressed with the work of SWCS is recent weeks. Still considered a "newcomer" by many, he has shown the entire roster that you can accomplish no end of things if you dedicate yourself to showing up for the events.
The new IOWF seems to be lacking some of the old members of the IOWF; such people as Blaqwing, Primetime and Blade seem to have misteriously disappeared off the face of the forums, which is a shame considering they were three of the biggest players in the game (remember what Primetime accomplished in his first week?!).
Another person I have been keeping tabs on is "The Original Olympic Hero 59". We didn't seem much of a presence from this young superstar in the old IOWF, but he has certainly shown commitment in the new IOWF; turning up for events on time and bashing well in the matches. I look for this person to rise up the roster slowly, and I would be surprised if he never made "World Champion" one day.
A subject I feel I have to touch upon is promo's. These are pretty much new things in the new IOWF, and at the end of the day, promo's = title shots. Apart from winning matches, your promo's are the most important thing in getting yourself a high profile match which could be, or may lead to, a title shot. I never have and never will ignore a single promo when making matches, and I have been keeping my eyes on promos by talent like VIIRUS and Shat, and they will surely pay off sometime soon. Remember, the key to a good promo is a readable, exciting, long piece, where you don't miss any details and you really get your character across. Promo's must be gramatically correct, though. Don't hold back in your promos, though. Feel free to use images, music or different font colors to get your point across. The more impact your promo's have, the better they are.
You also have to remember when to be in and out of character. The rules are this: In the "General IOWF Discussion & Announcements" board, you are always OOC (Out Of Character) and in the "IOWF Promos" and "IOWF Matches & Events" boards, you are always IC (work it out!). If you want to write OOC in promos or events, then make sure you make it clear you are OOC.

I want to bring up the subject of segments, now. Towards the end of the old IOWF, I introduced the idea of "event segments". I expected these to have a huge impact, but they actually didn't. I hope to see these take off this time around. There are three segments to an event; one at the very beginning, one between the matches, and one at the very end. Segments can turn into brawls. Come out and describe your actions, say things like "**Xzibit hits and Blackman comes down the ramp and enters the ring**". Alternatively, segments can be backstage if you want, it's your choice. You can attack people, call people out, demand matches or anything. To book a segment, post in "Feedback" and ask me. Please make use of these, they will make the IOWF more fun!

I'm still recruiting staff in the IOWF. If you want to be part of the staff, e-mail me or post in Feedback. Here are the positions currently open: Apply now!

A lot of people have been asking me, what does it mean to be an IOWF champion? An imaginary belt? What does it say? Well my simple answer to that is that it means a damn lot. It means that you are the best damn basher on the whole of the internet. It means that no one in the world online bashes better than you. It means you can insult, use wit, and come up with intelligent responses right up there with the best of them. It shows about you as a person, you can bash, and bash better than anyone.

Now I promised to tell you about the new hArDcORe style of the IOWF, so here I will do that now. This time around, you will find that hardcore and no-DQ matches (inc. ladder, table matches etc.) are much more hardcore than before. Expect to see broken glass, barb wire, nails, flaming tables and the works this time! This only really applies to hardcore matches, but you can use this in matches with DQ. If you want, you can in a match say something like "*... hits .... with a steel chair*", which will result in a DQ, but is useful if you want to hurt your opponent rather than win. You have to remember in the IOWF when to bash, and when to describe your actions, so I will tell you when to do which:
Describe actions

This time around, posting nude pics results in DQ, unless it is a no-DQ match

Now I just want to mention two e-feds on the internet. Firstly, the WHF. This inefficiently run company seems to think they can undermine the IOWF. As far as I'm concerned, any fed that gets its match results from the simple decisions of one person cannot be a fed worth listening to. That's why the IOWF Invasion that was "crushed" by the WHF should simply be ignored. Here in the IOWF, we are a B-Fed and people don't simply decide who wins matches, based on personal friendships. The other e-fed is.....the IOWF. That's right, the IOWF. Another fed has emerged (with only one member) calling themselves the "IOWF". I am personally going to make sure this doesn't continue. I hope our loyal members will help me on this one.

I hope you enjoyed reading The Rulz Report, 7/30/2001, and if you have any feedback on it (suggestions, comments, etc.) then post in "Feedback" in the message boards or e-mail me
Thanks for reading, and remember - plug plug plug the IOWF! (but not illegally)
Check back next Friday for The Rulz Report!
Blackman Rulz,
IOWF CEO and Senior Webmaster of