The Chillout Lounge™

1. Signatures
If your signature contains a link to another site, you MAY NOT post it. Signatures containing links will be edited the first 3 times, deleted the next 3 times, and the user will be banned if it happens 10 times. Likewise, signatures containing large images are not acceptable either.

2. Pictures
Pictures are fine, but obscene, graphic or violent images are NOT ALLOWED. Posts containing these will be deleted the first time, and the second time the user will be banned.

3. Profane Language
It is allowed, but in moderation. Uneccesary profanity will be deleted.

4. Advertising
Advertise elsewhere than the Spam Table, and it will be deleted. The second time, you will be banned.

5. Flooding
Will result in deletion and instantaneous banning. Simple.

6. Threatening
Threatening behaviour will be deleted, and death threats will result in banning and reporting to the neccessary authorities.

7. Rubbish Posts
Posts of pure rubbish, or "spam" will be deleted. If this happens a lot, you will be banned.

8. Bashing/Flaming
Bashing and flaming isn't tolerated. The first time you will be told not to.....this will advance to deletion and eventually banning if it keeps happening.

Administrators reserve the right to ban ANYONE for ANY reason.