The Chillout Lounge™

Moderating Policy

1. Deleting Topics
Doesn't happen. Topics that would be deleted are instead moved to the "Deleted Topics" forum, where they are kept in case they are needed in the future.

2. Moving Topics
If a topic is posted in the wrong forum, or its theme is more fitting for a different forum, the moderator will move it into the appropriate forum. This includes "deleted" posts being moved to the "Deleted Posts" forum

3. Closing Threads If a moderator doesn't want a thread to have a reply, or any more replies, he will close it. If someone bashes or flames in a topic, it may well be closed.

4. Editing Posts
If someone posts uneccessary profane language, a signature with a link or large picture, flaming or related things, the moderator may edit the post. N.B. When editing a post, the moderator will always leave a reason in italics (e.g. [Edit: Removed Signature]

Moderators can moderate posts at their own disgression, and without leaving a reason (unless editing).