The Golden EzBoard Ring

Golden EzBoard™ now has an ezboard!

If you are looking for a good ezboard, then look no further - this site contains the very best of the very best ezboards. Alternatively, if you think your ezboard is good enough, e-mail your application to me at

Here is the current list of Golden EzBoards:

The Chillout Lounge™
Come in here and talk about anything and everything! What ever you like, there is sure to be a forum for you. A friendly atmosphere, friendly members and moderators - if you like anything, then this brand new board is the place for you!

World Of Dreams
World Of Dreams has a great layout, general, anime, videogames, roleplaying, uncensored and a lot more forums.
Come join us at our board and grab a custom title.

Loaded - The Forum (Commodore & Sinclair Nostalgic Discussion)
Old enough to remember the Commodore or Spectrum computers?
If so come and join us, you can also find out how to play over 6000 of the old Speccy and Commoodore 64 games for Free on your PC or Mac. (Alternative Link)

Cheaters Palace
Cheaters Palace has an awesome layout. Come talk about video games, music, TV, movies, and general discussion, also have fun while you chill out at the bar, come join us and get to know all the wonderful members.
Your central UK Playstation 2 gaming resource. News, reviews, links, discussion forums and the UK's only definitive games directory. If you've got your own gaming section, advertise it in the links forum and we'll add it to the main site.

From Anything to Everything there is something here for you. We have great members and great content. Part of this board is growing by the day. Come and join us !!!

Freebie Dreamers Lounge
Come chat in the forums, play games, advertise, start a fight with another member in the fight forum,and post at least 10 times to get into the pass protected forums! But most of all JUST HAVE FUN!

EverQuest - The Community
This board is about an online game called EverQuest. The board has good atmosphere and good layout too. If you've searched for an EQ ezboard, here is the place for you!

Teens Only
This is a very nice place to hang out, well only if your a teen (duh.) But if your a teen check it out!