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GRC Paintball

The best way to describe GRC is Wow! That's what I thought when we first pulled down the dirt driveway. When you arrive you see the outdoor 10-man hyperball field which happens to be my favorite field. In the back is a decent woods field (its not bad just its woods). Inside the barn there is an indoor hyperball field with cars, and buildings. Outside is the intense village field, complete with trailers and little huts. GRC is currently working on building a 10 man Ultimate Airball/Hyperball field where there "old speedball" field is, and that will be up by April 14th.

The service is great, Glean, Rob, and the lady at the concession stand are amazing. All the tournaments I've been too have been at GRC and I've only had 1 discrepancy with the refs (they messed up a lot of scores real bad at the 4-man Budget i believe it was).

Playing at a place as great as GRC only makes me salivate over how good and fun it must be at SC village and challenge park. But until then GRC is for me!

Note: The picture is a shot from our 1st tourney of the outdoor hyperball, and the link is to GRC's website

GRC's Website