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My Backyard Field

My backyard... Ok so it sounds like the most Renegade way to play paintball but we are VERY professional. We all chrono in at 250, Enforce safety rules, and have a tarp up so paintballs dont hit our neighbors house (flying barrels in 70 mile per hour wind is a different story =P).

We set up the field different every once in a while with our numerous supplies. We try to keep all the rec players happy and throw in some spice at the same time.

The picture is from last year, near the end of the season. What you see is us at center field chilling and the left and right 50s, both mid 45s and the left side and starting bunker of the far side. We play center flag to your own end, with Surrendering no bunkering.

9 out of 10 Hamburg paintball players believe this is the premier paintball field in Hamburg!

II love my field and this year its going to kick major ass due to us getting twice as many barrels to build with, and we got some amazing ideas.