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Improve Your Field Walking

Walking the field every team does it and if your team isn't well you should. A lot of teams dont walk fields "well" and by that I mean, they all get on the field walk to there primarys maybe pracitce a break or two and there done. This is totaly wrong for 99.9% of all tournaments (excluding if its your Home Field where you've played all your life).

How To Walk It Right
Ok from all the info I've gathered from sources like p8ntballer and paintball forums acroos the net, this is how it we belive it should be done.

  1. get your gear and paint ready for the first game before you walk the field, this gives you more time because you dont have to rush back to the staging area to get ready for the first game and can spend all the time untill the first game on the field.
  2. Now that you are interuption free (ignore your little brother, newbs who want your autograph and the other teams, this is important!) make sure everyone knows where they are going. If you dont have breaks planned you should at least know where everyone plays i.e. right tape, mid, back, etc
  3. Have everyone go to their primary (the bunker they are going to off the break) and look at what you can shoot at. Do this out of both sides and at different levels, comming out low someone may not be able to see you or viceversa. If you dont have your primarys planned out its ok, just go to your area you will work and then find all the angles every bunker has. (This takes more time so come prepared)
  4. Once everyone knows where there going and knows there primarys angles you need to find the shooting lanes and sweet spots. To do this take a look around at what the other teams seem to be doing and what bunekrs they are looking at. Then have your fornt men jog there breaks on one end of the field and the back players on the other side walk to there bunkers to find the best lane to shoot there front players from.
    Sweet spoting is basicly the same thing. You know where the "hot" bunkers are. What I mean by hot is the bunkers you are positive the enemy is gonna send someone either because its such a good bunker or its the only bunekr keeping a bunker from busting open a game.