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Shutdown Preventer

This very little program stops windows from shutting down. The use for this app is simple when run it places an icon in the system tray and while it is active it protects your windows environment from being shutdown without your consent. You will find this little program most useful after installing a program which gives you no choice but to restart windows. But what if you don't want to restart windows at this point well Shutdown Preventer will stop this action and allow you to continue with your windows session until you decide when you want to shut down or restart. This program is still under testing and I am not sure if it will work under every circumstance but it has worked on all that I have tested so far. Any comments to this program would be appreciated you can send comments to my email address listed in the left frame of this site. There is no screen shots as this program only runs in the system tray as an icon.

Download Here!