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NetTimer Version 2.0 Updated 13 April 2001

This is a Timer which will give you a warning when you have a certain amount of time left before being kicked off the internet. It is handy for when you have an ISP which kicks you off after a cirtain amount of time for example every 4 hours. When the program is run it becomes an icon in the system tray if you right click on the icon you will get the these choices, Start with Windows, Enable Sounds, Options and Exit. If you click on Options you can set how long your ISP lets you stay on before disconnection and this is restricted to 1 hour through to 6 hours. Then you can select when you would like to be warned wether it be 5 minutes up to 30 minutes before disconnection. NetTimer must be running before connection to your ISP for it to work correctly.

You can Download it here