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PC-Ductape (pcductape)

Purpose: A forum based on knowledge sharing and FREE PC newbie support. A forum for the PC techs to learn from each other and for those that are new to the PC world to get answers for PC problems. All are welcome! Join Below.


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Auto Start Net Apps Program Launcher

AutoStartNetApps Updated 16 April 2001

Minutes left reminder NetTimer


Cookie Eater Cleanup Tool

Cookie Eater Updated 16 April 2001

Encrypto and Text File Encrypter

Encrypto and Text File Encryptor

Gold Lotto Random Number Picker

Gold Lotto Random Number Picker





My site is made up of Visual Basic programs which I have created they are not the best ever made but each of them do serve a purpose. I am quite new to visual basic programming and I am still learning so any feed back whether it is good or bad would be very much appreciated. You can send your comments by using the form below or by signing my guestbook.

Here is a little bit of history about myself. I was in the Australian Army for approx 8 years first as a Rifleman (Paratrooper) at 3rd Royal Australian Regiment then as a Medic at 1 Field Hospital, 11 Med Coy, 2 Field Hospital and 25/49 RQR. I served for one month over in Hawaii at Schofield Barracks on an exchange program called Pacific Bond with the US Military. I have recently been medically discharged from the army due to a parachute accident and have completed a computer programming course at an institute called Interim Technology in Brisbane but they are all over the world as far as I know. I have a good knowledge of computer building and repairs and the use of many applications.

If you would like to know a little bit about my family just click on the link to Leonie's Website found in the left frame of this site.

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