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Welcome to my Domain

Greetings. As you look over my page you will notice that I am interested in many different thing. I am the founder of P.A.K. (Paranormal Activities in Kentucky), which is a Paranormal Investigation team that is made up of myself and a group of serious individuals who strive to prove the existance of ghosts. Our site is full of photos from our investigations, tips on ghost hunting, and lots of other information you will need to become a serious and successful paranormal researcher.

Im also a car audio freak! Im a sucker for a killer sound system. I own a 1995 Ford Ranger Splash loaded with 6 MTX 5000 series (soon to be 6000's) 12"s, powered by 3 Autotek amps and Stinger caps.

I am also a former Backyard Wrestler. I used to wrestle in a group called Insane Championship Wrestling. I had fun while I was doing it but some things are just more important that wrestling. Oh, and if your wondering what my background of my web site is... Its me kicking a steel chair into another wrestlers face (resulting in a broken nose:).

I also play paintball on my time away from everything. I work and play at Paintball Games of the Bluegrass in Georgetown,Ky. Great group of people and a well designed web page (Go Litz!). I shoot a custom Smart Parts Impulse and click on the links below to visit the sites.

Last but not least. I love spending time with my baby, Alexa. She is the main person in my life next to God that keeps me together. She gets me through. I love you so much and thanks for everything you've done.

Alright, enough with the mushy stuff. Click on the links below and Welcome to my Domain!

My Links
  • I.C.W. Backyard WrestlingThis is the backyard federation I wrestle for,ICW. This is my friends site that we're working on. We plan on having more pictures, so please be calm and enjoy our site.
  • P.A.K. HomepageThis is my page on our paranormal study and research. Our organization is called Paranormal Activities in Kentucky(P.A.K.). This page has just few important things to remember while doing a ghost hunt or investigation.Includes pictures and journals of our research.
  • PaintballThis is the place where I work and play paintball. Great group of guys and a very good site to visit.
  • My Paintball SiteThis is my page dedicated to paintball. Includes pictures from the place that I work at.Pictures are now up of my Impulse.
  • GhostsI am also heavily interested in supernatural research. This page contains lots of research along with some great photographs.
  • Metal musicSince Im a metalhead, I had to add this site. This site lets you download files and look up guitar tabs. A great site for all metalheads.
  • Cool MIDI FilesThis site is packed with cool MIDI files, ranging from country music to heavy metal all in one site. Check it out.
  • My Truck PageParental Advisory-An extreme ride with a system so friggin loud it will blast open your ear drums, rip your body all over the friggin cab, and will send you to a gut-wrenching nirvana!
  • Discount Car AudioI myself am also into killer sound systems. This site has the best prices I could find.

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