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about us
by: ninna

2-3 is a class in aa that bonded through their two years of high school together. Each in the class having a unique personality and each with her own set of talents and abilities. 44 different girls put in one section is simply a complete riot! Well for us its simply section 3!!! Well, were well know for our noisiness and we are also the trendsetters of happiness and lots of laughs to our school mates and specially our teachers (ok we admit it the teachers aren't really that happy all the time) but we try our best to make the 9-10 hours we spend at school fun. With all our happy bored songs ("I am bored, you are bored we are all so bored… wooooh!!!"), passing food during classes *shhhh* (hey sharing isn't a crime), load taunts *ahem*, senseless laughs *ahem again*, and "friendly" debates (I know, your all thinking... really now???... but hey I had to make it sound good ok). We all get to find reason to get up early in the morning and actually be happy on going to school. Well at least most of us. Now that we've found our class, we all can finally say that school really is our second home :)... well at least most of us :)

note to 2-3....
this touching article about us is still yet to
change (through your suggestions and submission)
but all i want to say right now is...
i love you all and i hope we'll never be reshufled ever:)

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