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CBZ Riders for 2001 Baja 500

Number to watch in 2001 is 252X

This page is to inform people about CBZ Racing. The Colorado Boyz race team for the Baja 500. CBZ Racing is fairly new to the Baja. The 2000 Baja 500 was the first time we raced it, but we are going back in 2001 to kick some butt. Last year CBZ Racing took 7th in the sportsman class. The CBZ riders finished the race in 11 hours and 33 minutes, 59 minutes behind the leader. Not too bad for a couple of boyz from Colorado on a KLX 300 (The second smallest bike in its class). PJ Marquez and Jeremy Pryor ended up 45th overall in their first attempt at the baja. Because this was their first time racing, the CBZ team had a limited supply of sponsor money. However, we plan on changing that in the future. For the 2001 Baja 500 the team has invested in 3 new bikes. Two KTM 250's for preriding and a brand new KTM 520 for the race. This bike should have enough power to take the CBZ riders to the winners circle. If you would like to help CBZ racing or would just like to ask some questions about are experiences at the baja 500, my email address is listed below. Thanks for all of those who supported CBZ Racing. Oh yeah, Watch out for the CBZ riders in 2001!!! Jeremy Pryor bogging through some water at baja
The best pit crew the baja has ever seen!

Sponsors from 2000 Baja 500

Jerry's Liquor
Wagon Wheel
Thaxton's Market
Johnston's Bees
L.A. Bailbonds
Body Shop
L.A. Fire Department
Dairy Queen
Gene Ramsey
Miller Auto Parts
C&S Auto Parts
First National Bank
Frank's LP
Earlene Pryor
Valcom Motorsports
Rocky Ford Auto Parts
Rocky Ford Discount Tire
Colorado Lift Co.
Colorado Turf
Todd Hughes
Richard & Sis Evans

Thanks to all of those who sponsored CBZ Racing. We couldn't do this without you.

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