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Timberwolf Chaos Chip Bob Long Turbo Board AKA Glacier Board

The Chaos chip is a IC chip replacement for the stock ICD circuit board.  It offers 4 fire modes, semi, turbo (1.5 balls per pull), auto response (2 balls per cycle) and full auto.  The rate of fire is adjustable but at it's max the Chaos chip is 18cps in semi and 16.5 in all other modes.  2 features unique to the Chaos chip are an auto-shutoff after 20 minutes of idle time which can save your batteries.  It also has a sniper mode especially useful if you're using auto-response.  If you pull and hold the trigger for a fraction of a second, only 1 ball will shoot.  The mode is selected through trigger pulls on power on and the LED will blink to indicate program acceptance.  You can stay tournament legal by flipping a dip switch to lock you into semi auto mode.  Like the BL Turbo, the Chaos chip also has an interface for an anti-chop eye although his eye is not on the market quite yet.

CHAOS2 Update:  The new Chaos 2 chip supports anti-chop eye, will have an adjustable BPS rate of 6-20bps, has a turbo-9 mode and programmable burst.

This is a whole new replacement board for your BM/Defiant made by Curt H, distributed by Delta (Bob Long's shop).  It offers 5 fire modes, semi, turbo (1.5 balls per pull), auto response (2 balls per cycle), full auto and a programmable burst mode.  The rate of fire is adjustable, but at it's max speed is 13cps over all modes.  The modes are selected through pulling the trigger on power on for the mode you want.  The LED will blink to tell you the program was accepted.  There is a dip switch to set the board in semi-auto mode only for tournaments.  The board also has the interface to support an anti-chop eye also sold through Delta.

Review this product or read reviews

Review this product or read reviews

Timberwolf Anti-Chop Eye Gladiator and Gladiator Vision (not the regulator)

The Chaos Anti-Chop Eye interfaces with the Chaos chip.  It's side mounted on the right side of the gun with very little wiring exposed.  The eye bounces a beam off the other side of the breech to determine if a ball is in the chamber ready to fire.  If the ball is there the gun will fire.  It also features a manual adjustment knob if you happen to get a paint that doesn't work with the eye.  Smaller balls or really light colored shelled balls sometimes give eyes problems, the beams pass through or past them.  Having the adjustment knob can save you from these problems. The Bob Long Anti-Chop eye works with the Bob Long turbo board and can be retro-fitted to work with the Chaos chip.  This eye has a transmitter on one side of the breech and a receiver on the other side.  Installing the BL Eye on the BL Turbo board removes the pre-programmed max cps rate of the chip in all modes, the gun will fire as long as a ball is in the breech.  A great deal of time was spent by Bob Long and team testing this eye out with every paint on the market and getting it adjusted to work with everything.  When this first came out it was known as the 'Bob Long Turbo' upgrades.  It has since been renamed to Gladiator.

Review this product or read reviews

Review this product or read reviews

ICD Turbo Chip ICD LCD Upgrade

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The ICD turbo board was made available early on, I'm not sure if it's still available.  The stock ICD board is slower processing and has been programmed to ignore trigger bounces.  This can result in skipped shots.  This first 'turbo' board is simply a semi-auto board that is designed to register trigger bounces.  This means you'll get a more consistent and faster flow of balls.  However it's ONLY SEMI AUTO. The ICD LCD upgrade is the newest factory add-on for your BM/Defiant.  The new fire system still does 13bps but for $75 bucks they'll custom program a chip for up to 22bps for you.  The fire board has 8 modes of fire, semi,  auto response, full auto, Emulated (turbo), zip and the rest are bursts.  The system comes with the main system board and an expansion daughter board which is for extra things such as an anti-chop eye which ICD will offer later.  The LCD will scroll your fire mode and CPS rate when you turn it on.  Once it's on, the top number shows the game timer (i'm assuming it's a count-up timer) and the bottom number is your shot counter.  There are no buttons on the outside of the LCD, it's not back lit but it is reflective.  There is also an idle shutoff of 10 minutes saving battery power.  This upgrade should work with the Bob Long anti-chop eye.  MSRP, $150. 

Pictured above on the left is one of the first 2 startup screen showing your BPS rate set by the dip switches.  The right screen on top shows mm:ss (game timer) and the bottom number is your game shot counter.  The LCD is mounted in the back of the tray.

BANCHEE Hellfire Chip Silver-Eye

I thought it was appropriate to show the Chaos chip as the picture of what this chip it.  It is literally a ripoff of the Chaos Chip right down to the copyright paper that comes with the chip.  Whoever is responsible for this chip copied the code right out of the Chaos chip and burned it into their own chip.  Timberwolf is seeking legal action and trying to get distribution of these chips stopped.  These chips are cheaper than the Chaos because TW put all the R&D money into it's development.  So don't buy them!  Also they're a copy of the older chip so it will not support the Anti-Chop eye. This eye is similar in design to the Glacier board and eye.  There is a transmitter on one side and a receiver on the other.  The ball breaks the beam when it's fully seated in the breech signaling the gun to fire.  The eyes are held in with epoxy just like the Glacier version.  Turnaround time for the install is about 2 weeks.  The Silver eye had one unique ability, it works with the stock bushmaster/defiant.  You don't need to upgrade the system to a chaos or glacier chip first and then buy the eye.  This eye should also work with the ICD LCD.
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  • Don't support thieves!  Buy a Chaos.
Morlock Universal Controller Chip Jackal Blitz Chip

The morlock chip is an engineering marvel from the same genius who brought us all the Bob Long Turbo board/eye, Curt.  This is the smallest controller i've ever seen and fully programmable by the user.  It supports many modes of fire including turbo and autoresponse. It supports 1 or 2 solenoids, intellifeed and an anti-chop eye.  This board will control any electronic marker including the Bushmaster and Defiant but this is not a drop in board.  So if you don't know what you're doing buy something else, this is for true tinkers.

Complete documentation can be found HERE

This is a new product from Terry's ( son's shop.  It does 13bps  set through the dip switches.  Semi mode has a shot buffer which will hold a few extra shots in it and fire a few times after you stop pulling the trigger.  It also has auto response, turbo and full auto modes all set through the dip switches.    This is a drop in upgrade, you just pull your chip out and plug this one in.
CHAOS LCD boo-yAAH ELCD grip frame

The Chaos LCD is still being developed, but so far these are the planned features:


  • 16x2 backlit display with brightness control
  • ROF Average and Peak display
  • Mode and CPS setting display
  • Game timer with buzzer
  • Shot Counter
  • Security Code setting
  • Personalized Greeting


  • Illuminated buttons mounted on tray
  • Adjustable Dwell
  • Adjustable ROF up to 20bps
  • Intellifeed support with adjustable dwell
  • Anti-Chop eye support
  • Sleep Mode
  • Semi/Full/Burst/Turbo/AR with T-Lock

This will be sold as a drop in mod or a s hop installation mod, possibly with a 45 frame.  Price will be around $200.

This grip ISN'T AVAILABLE yet and it hasn't been decided for sure if it ever will be for the Bushmaster.  They're just researching market demand right now.  If it comes to market, it'll have the following features:
  • Removable trigger guard
  • Double finger trigger
  • 5-15 cps dwell adjustment
  • FA, Turbo, Semi, Burst, Safe
  • Countdown and Count up timer
  • Shot counter

Approx MSRP on this is going to be 200 bucks.  So you might want to carefully compare the features of this with the standard ICD LCD.  The ICD LCD has some the same LCD functionality , has a few more modes of fire and will support an anti-chop eye for $150.   However this will be a 'drop in' upgrade where as the ICD LCD is a factory installed upgrade.

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  • You can't buy it yet.  Probably by Summer 01