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Rule The Day Paintball Club

From the very first game I played, I was hooked and I knew my wife would enjoy it too.
Tricia likes to shoot, but can't stand the idea of hurting anything, so paintball was perfect.
We decided to gather as many people as we knew together. That way we would be sure
everybody was friendly and we would be less likely to have any over-enthusiastic shooting.

That worked well and we expanded the group to include more and more people looking
for friendly, safe and honest games and "ta da" RTD was a club. The idea that everyone
was there just for the fun of it and was willing to be honest and sane made it better for
everyone else. People are basically honest and as long as they feel that everyone is willing
to play fair, they will too. That may sound a little pompous, but it works for us. We play about
once a month, trying for private games where we divide into 2 teams and play against each
other. If anyone plans to play any where or any time, they can announce it to the club and see
if any other members want to go along. Same goes for any scenarios or big games. There is
no permanent rooster of players, no attendance policy. If you are willing and able to play you
do, if not you don't. We all have schedule conflicts, money problems and work and family that
takes precedence even to paintball. :-)

Eventually we tried a scenario game as a group. Rich & Tricia Dolph just didn't make it
as a scenario team name so after many suggestions, some very bad suggestions. :-) We settled
on Rule The Day, RTD and since many of the scenarios we attend are 24 hour events, we
eventually added Rule The Dark to the title.

We have only requirement for membership, HONESTY. If you enjoy the thrill of the game,
the friendly atmosphere of the players and always remember that we play for the fun of it all,
then you are invited to join us at anytime. We have players of all ages and experience levels,
renters and equipment hogs,

First, There is No Fees, No Dues, No T-shirts to Buy

If our group sounds like the kind of players you would want to play with, then you are invited.
E-mail me, tell me a little about yourself; How long you've been playing, What level player
you consider yourself, etc. When we schedule a private game at Pinelands,
Call: 1-800-FLAG-007 to reserve your space 2 weeks before the scheduled game,to cover
your field fees and rental (if needed).....

Rec. Paintball is normally played as a "Capture The Flag" game. We divide into 2 teams.
Each team has to guard their flag, while trying to get the other teams flag and bring back
to your own base. The games last about 15 mins. and then we start again. There are other
variations with the same level of simple rules.

We play as a private group once a month at Pinelands Paintball, Rt. 539 south, Manchester, NJ.
Most of the games are "Capture The Flag", but we will mix it with "Limited Paint" games
and Elimination". I try to create teams that are evenly balanced and that will allow those
players, who want, to join with other players. (Teams, Family Members, etc.)
We meet at Pinelands around 8:30 am and play until about 4:30. You can come or go as needed.

20.00 field fee
15.00 Marker & Goggle Rental (if needed)
4.00 Air Fills
.05 cents per ball
2.00 per player referee tip

As an average, a new player will go through approx. 1,000 to 1,500 paintballs a day with
1 tank refill. That would equal a cost of approx:
50.00 to 75.00 for paint
35.00 for Field fees with Mask & Gun Rental
5.00 and/or 7.00 for ammo packs / coverall rentals
Tip, Lunch and air refill
Approx. total for a day from 9am til 4:30 equals: 100.00 to 130.00

THAT'S IT, This isn't a lifetime commitment. Just People who want to enjoy a fun sport.

There are no rules or regs other than Play Fair, Be Calm, Have Fun.
(and don't shoot the guy who organized it)